I am of no mood to entertain you with the privacy of my person and even if I were, you would call me mad. All you need to know is they exist - all of them - those monsters and demons of legend do lurk about with sinister intention. I will find them and expose them; then we'll see who is mad.

Scientists Working To Reanimate Dead Brains


Arrogance aside, apparently a few scientists aren’t familiar with the possible world ending scenario associated with an outbreak of zombies caused by science going too far. If they did, then perhaps they’d think twice about reanimating the dead. Straight from the pages of the next young adult novel thriller, a group from a Philadelphia-based company are currently trying to reanimate …

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A Good Idea? Scientists Make Zombie Cells


You know that film or book where everything starts out with good intentions, but you just know something’s bound to go wrong, and the characters end up fleeing the ever hungry undead? Well, that film’s playing right now only we’re the dopey characters waiting to be finished off by the numbers. Maybe it’s not that bad but a group of …

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Could Weaponized Ebola Be Used to Create a Zombie Apocalypse?

According to Vladimir Nikiforov from the Department of Infectious Diseases in Russia, there's already a chance Ebola could be weaponized in the form of an aerosol spray.

As if the outbreak of Ebola that spread like wildfire across Africa earlier this year wasn’t horrible enough, some scientists are now saying if the virus becomes airborne, it could be responsible for a zombie apocalypse scenario straight from television. The only good news of sorts is the scientific community believes Ebola won’t mutate into an airborne pathogen naturally. All …

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Highway Of Tears

The real Highway of Tears killer, coincidentally matching the hunting pattern of a vampire, has never actually been caught.

Canada, a country famous for its vast expanse of wilderness, wildlife, and seemingly endless stretches of highway, including endless side roads leading into the northern backcountry. Among those highways and byways in British Columbia lies the infamous Highway of Tears. This five-hundred mile stretch of desolate road is home to more wildlife than vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s also home to many …

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Flipping the Script: The Hunters Become The Hunted


The world’s a very dangerous place, especially for those unfamiliar with the terrors that possibly await as we venture forth from the safety of our homes. It’s every parent’s duty to warn their children of the creepers, stalkers, and downright unsavory people walking amongst us every day. However, the awareness of this danger shouldn’t be limited to naive children, but …

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New Guinea Cannibals A Cover For Werewolves?

Could the cannibals that are rumored to eat still the flesh of their slain opponents be werewolves?

New Guinea, one of the largest islands in the world, is home to many tribes considered “uncivilized” compared to our modern ways of living. Carving out their existence from the land by the sweat of their brows; these primitive peoples work tirelessly to sustain food and shelter. In the ways of war and territorial aggression, they’re not much different than …

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The Grimes Sisters: This Is How A Vampire Would Commit Murder


It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed. Movies and books about soft, cuddly vampires and werewolves may be all the rage these days, but they grossly underestimate the cold, harsh reality of the cruelty these creatures are capable of committing. These super predators are cold and calculating and know more about how to capitalize on our weaknesses then …

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Zombie Like Bacterial Infections A Sign of What’s To Come?


As time goes on, the news is filled with more and more cases of people contracting some “rare and obscure” flesh-eating bacteria. In many instances, the unfortunate victims infected with the disease end up with amputations. In extreme cases, those who survive the ordeal are left with their faces partially removed, disfigured permanently and crippled for the remainder of their …

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Is Jade Helm A Faux Conspiracy To Cover For Zombie Apocalypse Training?

Jade Helm zombie apocalypse training

Online media sites have been abuzz over the last several months with rumors and conspiracy theories about Operation JH-15 (Jade Helm). Why all the commotion? For starters, those unhappy with the current state of political affairs, both at home and abroad, think it’s a harbinger of inevitable martial law. However, others dismiss Jade Helm as merely a reasonable training exercise, …

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Unhappy Anniversary

Two weeks after the group failed to reappear, a pilot on the rescue mission spotted the remains of the teams’ campsite: a lone tent exposed on the side of Dyatlov Pass.

There are many theories and conspiracies about what happened at Dyatlov Pass. One more seems like a waste of good speculation yet don’t let that keep you from reading on. What you learn here may scare you but it will be well worth the time. Dyatlov Pass, nestled in the Ororton Mountain Range of the Ural Mountains was just a …

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