My name is Thomas Gilchrist Meekdale, and I've devoted my life to studying cryptid cultures of the monstrum variety including their teratoeconomics. I specialize in three distinct types of cryptids - werewolves, vampires and zombies. I would like to welcome you to Monstrum Athenaeum. I hope that soon this site will become an exciting source for news and insight about these creatures.

Dead Mermaid Body Photographed In Great Yarmouth


Dismissed today as fantastic legends spun by drunken sailors, mermaids, with maybe the exception of the Kraken, are the most famous aquatic cryptids. However, the purely legendary status of these creatures is, once again, called into question now that new footage shows a dead and decaying “mermaid body” washed up on the beach in Great Yarmouth in England. The footage …

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R. Monteith: Inside the Life of a Bigfoot Researcher

"Florida Skunk Ape by Sybilla Irwin 2016",

Submitted by Holly Chavez Does Bigfoot exist? It’s a question our readers and writers find highly intriguing, which is why we’re very excited to have the opportunity to discuss this cryptid with someone who knows it best: R. Monteith. As a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s (BFRO) Florida chapter, Monteith participated in numerous expeditions. Personally, she investigates sightings …

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‘Old Stinker’: The Werewolf Hull Woods


True or not, Transylvania’s known for vampires. Werewolves, on the other hand, are a bit more nomadic. Ordinary folks are hard pressed to consistently name a location associated with werewolves (with the exception of London thanks to a particular movie). But for those in the know, like yourself, a few spots probably come to mind such as Bray Road, Wisconsin. …

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Nature Photographer Captures Unexpected Bigfoot Footage


A nature photographer was recently surprised by what he found in his footage from a recent trip to Payson Canyon, Utah. Rather than the usual birds and small mammals, he had caught a rare and elusive cryptid in his shots – Bigfoot. The photographer was snapping photos of the runoff from a stream running through the canyon when he heard …

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Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How To Become A Werewolf


Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by monsters and cryptids. But of all the creepy crawlers out there, none has enthralled me quite like werewolves. In fact, as a young child, every night I used to wish that I could figure out how to become a werewolf. As an adult, the longing never went away; despite my parents insistence that I …

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Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Blamed For A Woman’s For Fatal Health Condition


Consistently, witnesses who survive an encounter with Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) almost unanimously report an instinctive feeling that there was something wrong when approached by the creepy children and refused to give in to their requests. What happens to those who don’t? A new story has emerged of a woman who made a different decision and decided to help the …

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Arithmetic Key to Unraveling Vampire World Says Researchers


Following the recent spate of academic documents “discussing” the potential zombie apocalypse, it appears the mysterious vampire world is next up to receive a scientific makeover. Studies exploring the concept of the co-existence between vampires and humans are not new. It’s not hard to find previous papers using representations of vampires from Bram Stoker’s Dracula right through to modern tales. …

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New Discovery May Help Find The Loch Ness Monster


The Loch Ness Monster, without a doubt, is one of the most famous cryptids around the world. Despite decades of sightings, skeptics argue that, with nowhere in the loch to go, the creature couldn’t have evaded sensors this long. Right? Now, a discovery has found hidden depths to the loch previously unknown and, as one researcher put it, “There’s enough …

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New Sighting Of The Lake Norman Monster


With sightings dating back generations, the cryptid roaming the depths of Lake Norman is one of those creatures falling firmly into the category of Loch Ness Monster mysteries. Described as a mixture of alligator, catfish, eel and snakehead fish, there’s still no clear explanation for what this animal is, yet sightings continue. The most recent sighting occurred this past December …

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2016 Horror Movies Countdown: Top 13 Flicks To Watch


This year’s shaping up to be an exciting one for horror movie lovers. In fact, there’s, at least, one release listed for every month except for November so far, so you can expect to spend a lot of time at the movie theater! Notable selections include a mixture of sequels, novel adaptations, and original screenplays, making 2016 an exciting year …

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