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“Vampire” Vet Uses Caged Animals As Blood Source

Vampire vet kept animals locked up for blood sources.

In a story eerily familiar to the ever-present danger of cryptids masquerading as trusted members of society to gain an advantage over their unsuspecting prey, Fort Worth police raided a popular animal clinic at Camp Bowie earlier this year when it was discovered the vet had been allegedly keeping a terrible secret. Similar to the premise of the movie Daybreakers, animals were …

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Tennessee Neighborhood Fears Unknown Beast Killing Dogs

Unknown beast killing dogs.

In what sounds like a scene from the movie Ginger Snaps, residents of a neighborhood in Cordova, Tennessee are on high alert following a series of attacks on pets in the area, resulting in three dead dogs and a fourth injured.  The only evidence of the attacker are some large cat-like prints which have been found by residents. It’s too early to tell …

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Unknown beast terrorizes farmer’s livestock

Unknown beast killing farm animals.

An unknown beast has been raiding farms in Puerto Rico killing livestock and terrifying farmers. Is this the work of a hungry Chupacabra or something else? Presented from Inexplicata: Puerto Rico: Chupacabras – The Night Siege On Saturday, 20 April 2013, the research team formed by José Pérez, Ilbis Domínguez, Luissepi Quiñones, José A. Martínez, Aníbal Martínez and Richard Flrores paid …

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