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Close Encounter with Bigfoot in Fayette County


Fayette County, Pennsylvania has a long history of Bigfoot sightings and other occurrences dating back to the 1930s. It also boasts some of the strangest encounters particularly around the Chestnut Ridge area and researcher Jim Brown has documented many of them. The latest one involves a rather close encounter with Bigfoot that took place earlier in May this year. The …

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Bigfoot Tracks Cast In Dulce New Mexico


Strange objects streaking through the sky are something of an everyday event in the New Mexico town of Dulce, located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Over the last few decades, residents of this sparsely populated area have reported near countless sightings, including occasional photographs and video. Now it seems Dulce has attracted yet another famous mystery to its doorstep after …

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‘Old Stinker’: The Werewolf Hull Woods


True or not, Transylvania’s known for vampires. Werewolves, on the other hand, are a bit more nomadic. Ordinary folks are hard pressed to consistently name a location associated with werewolves (with the exception of London thanks to a particular movie). But for those in the know, like yourself, a few spots probably come to mind such as Bray Road, Wisconsin. …

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Husband & Wife Encounter Wood Ape In Sam Houston National Forest


Did you know there’s a large bipedal creature roaming the forested areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas called the Wood Ape? If so, then congratulations. Now, here’s a harder question. Did you know there’s a Wood Ape Conservancy, a group dedicated to studying a species of primate unknown to science occupying wooded parts of the US with their own website …

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Eight-Year-Old Reports Jackalope Sighting in Wisconsin


Naturally imaginative, kids don’t make the best witnesses. From Santa to the Tooth Fairy, they believe in just about everything so when a child says “I see something strange,” most adults chalk it up to their imagination. We caught wind of a recent report, posted on, where an eight-year-old child claims to have encountered a ‘horned rabbit-like creature’. Perhaps …

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White Bigfoot Seen in Tennessee Corn Field


Tennessee is the latest state to join Maine and Pennsylvania with reported sightings of white Bigfoot. Of all places, the creature was seen in a Franklin County by three members of the same family, although at different times. The report, filed by a man named Cary in March of this year, is a second-hand account of several sightings by three …

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Steve Berry Discovers Yeti Tracks In Remote Bhutan Mountain


Of all the Bigfoot legends around the world, the Yeti is possibly the most consistent in appearance. A large white primate, existing in the remotest parts of the world for thousands of years. The Yeti, a.k.a the Abominable Snowman, isn’t heard as much today as in years past, but a new set of pictures taken by an English trekker has …

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Thunderbird Spotted Again by Remote Control Plane Operator


Judging size at a distance can be a little tricky – a bird, for example, can look huge without some point of reference and end up being a mere eagle or smaller. That’s why when folks claim to see the legendary Thunderbird roaming the skies we’re a bit skeptical. A recent report, though, addresses the credibility issue of size by …

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Unknown Sea Creature Spotted in River Thames


If I said I want to show you a picture of a dark coloured unknown sea creature with humps rising above the water’s surface, you’d probably think I was talking about the Loch Ness Monster. But the latest images of a “sea monster” come from somewhere far more populated – the River Thames in the centre of London. Pictures first …

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Couple Terrified By Werewolf In Croome Court UK


Sightings of strange black cats roaming the UK are par for the course, but the latest encounter likens more to a werewolf than the traditional feline cryptid. On their way to Cotswold, Robert and Nicola Ingram were driving near Croome Court, a historic property in the Worcestershire area, at around 1 am when they encountered a dark figure along the …

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