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Was There Really a Werewolf in London In The 1980s?


We’ve all heard reference to the famous song Werewolf in London but according to a new report, there very well may have been a lycanthrope hanging around the city in the mid-1980s. And who knows, it might still be there! One of our favorite authors, Linda Godfrey, published an encounter on her website reported by a fellow named ‘Gary.’ Twenty-six …

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UFO Volcano Hotspot: Bigfoot Seen Scaling Crater Wall


Popocatepetl, the second highest volcano in Mexico, has a long history of UFO sightings. Numerous amateur videos over the years have captured strange lights and UFOs in the skies during volcanic activity, including one as recently as January 2016. Popocatepetl is not alone, it just happens to be the most popular amongst extraterrestrial visitors. Numerous incidents of UFO sightings occurred …

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Naked Werewolf Man Attacks Drivers in Czech Republic


You’d expect survivors of a werewolf encounter to describe an assailant covered in fur, with big teeth and long claws. Appearance aside, their stories would emphasise the creature’s supernatural strength, resistance to pain and uncontrollable, animalistic behaviour. In the case of a man who attacked people on the streets in the Czech Republic, he clearly didn’t look the part but …

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Mysterious Sea Creature Appears on Australian Beach


Creatures wash up on beaches around the world all of the time but the recently photographed animal on Make Macquarie in New South Wales has even marine experts confused. At first glance, the long, thin creature appears a strange cross between dolphin and crocodile; its mouth lined with razor sharp teeth. Like clockwork, detractors claimed the footage was edited while …

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Legendary Thunderbird May Be Flying Again In Pennsylvania


If abduction by aliens or running into Bigfoot wasn’t bad enough, now we need to watch the skies for a giant bird that snatches people from the ground. According to a report, a gigantic bird was spotted around Pennsylvania, once more raising the prospect that the legendary Thunderbird may be flying across North American once again. The report surfaced in …

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Nature Photographer Captures Unexpected Bigfoot Footage


A nature photographer was recently surprised by what he found in his footage from a recent trip to Payson Canyon, Utah. Rather than the usual birds and small mammals, he had caught a rare and elusive cryptid in his shots – Bigfoot. The photographer was snapping photos of the runoff from a stream running through the canyon when he heard …

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Amphibious Humanoids Spotted off English Coast


When a 26-year-old man went for a walk on the Brighton seafront one evening, he might have expected to see a few daring swimmers or surfers, perhaps some teenagers on the beach. What he didn’t expect to see were three amphibious humanoids, but this was exactly what he reported to Cryptozoology News. The man, who described himself as a Judokan …

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Dogman Encounters Reported In Southern California Foothills


The generalized cryptid category referred to as the “dogman”, thought to be a type of werewolf, is usually associated with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. But a 2009 report we discovered suggests dogman encounters have a far bigger range than previous thought. The multiple Southern California dogman encounters were first reported on a now defunct website by two men in Redlands, California, about …

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Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Blamed For A Woman’s For Fatal Health Condition


Consistently, witnesses who survive an encounter with Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) almost unanimously report an instinctive feeling that there was something wrong when approached by the creepy children and refused to give in to their requests. What happens to those who don’t? A new story has emerged of a woman who made a different decision and decided to help the …

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