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Sasquatch Genome Project Claims To Have Indisputable Proof Bigfoot Exists

The Sasquatch Genome Project and has spent approximately half a million of dollars on the research into the Bigfoot, with some astounding results.

In the world of Sasquatch hunting, or Bigfoot for that matter, there are certainly more than a few people who believe the whole thing is a sham. These skeptics claim there’s no proof of this creature’s existence, such as a living specimen, the body of a deceased Sasquatch, or clear & credible video or photographic documentation. Recently, a group in …

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Interview: Did Steve Krueger Survive An Attack From The Bearwolf of Holy Hill?

“It [The Beast of Holy Hill] was reaching into the truck and when I pulled away, the deer it grabbed onto and my ATV ramp that must have been tangled into the legs both came off the truck.” – Steve Krueger

Submitted by Holly Chavez Regular visitors to Monstrum Athenaeum are probably familiar with the Beast of Bray Road, but it has become apparent that not all sightings near Bray Road, outside Elkhorn Wisconsin, are connected to the same cryptid. For example, we recently had the opportunity to ask one of the reported witnesses of the Bray Road creature a few …

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Lycans in Staffordshire: The Cannock Chase Werewolf

The first noted sighting of the Cannock Chase werewolf dates back to 1975, when a paranormal group investigated a series of sightings of a ‘snarling beast’.

When it comes to places traditionally associated with werewolves, Staffordshire in England doesn’t make the top 10 list; let alone the top 100.  Yet it seems there’s a tradition of werewolf encounters in the county, centered around one spot – Cannock Chase.  So what’s going on in this quiet, rural English spot? Cannock Chase isn’t a village or a town …

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One Seriously Haunted Hotel

one September night in 2003 proves that strange and scary things of a supernatural origin can occur within the confines of a busy haunted hotel.

When you think of a “haunted location”, do you usually picture an abandoned or dilapidated house, or perhaps an old factory that hasn’t seen workers in years?  With some exception, you could wager most people don’t often consider a location that’s still in business as having paranormal activity. However, one September night in 2003 proved strange and scary things, of …

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Sasquatch Encounter Reported in Holland

The encounter closely matches the general descriptions of Sasquatch encounters around the world, leading some to conclude that it was just that; Sasquatch.

The great outdoors holds adventure, natural beauty and attracts millions of people every year to explore and marvel. This holds true, no matter where you go in the world. From the rain forests of Brazil to the grassy, desert plains of Africa, and all points in between; people are attracted to seeking out the majestic beauty that is our world. …

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Proof Chupacabras are Real and Getting Around?

Are Chupacabras real? While many people do believe in the beasties, skeptics are quick to point out the lack of evidence, attributing the legends to nothing more than a scary fairy tale.

Chupacabras are a fascinating cryptid with a long history of sightings and encounters, but there’s not been much in the way of actual proof that these creatures really exist. However, two recent incidents may have changed everything (or at least moved the needle in the right direction). As we’ve pointed out in the past, this legendary “goat sucker” was officially …

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Were Two Hikers Stalked By Bigfoot During An Outing In Tennessee?

The pair were never sure if they were stalked by Bigfoot that night in the woods but something did follow them for several miles, throwing sticks and rocks.

Legends of mysterious creatures living in forests and prowling abandoned towns are common to many rural and isolated areas of the country. Most of the time they are simply that; legends. Occasionally, though, a tall tale turns out to be based on something very real which is the case for a blogger called Teebloger who writes of his encounter with …

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Are Sasquatches Living a Life of Domestic Bliss in Arizona?

On January 1, 2015, at approximately 3:45 p.m., a traffic camera monitored by the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) recorded an image that has since renewed worldwide debate on the existence of Sasquatches. In most cases, government officials intentionally steer clear of discussing anything to do with cryptids or the paranormal, but someone behind the scenes clearly thought the world needed …

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Hunting Hoax Or Was Bigfoot Caught On A Trail Cam?

After all these years, was Bigfoot caught on a trail cam? In any case, there’s a great campfire story in the making with those darkened images.

It seems anyone whose hunted or fished for any length of time picks up a story or two about something spooky they’ve seen or heard or in the woods. You know the stories, they’re best told around campfires to either help pass the time or, in some cases, to scare the crap out of kids. Occasionally, the really juicy stories get passed …

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