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Explorers Discover Weird Orange Cave Crocodiles

The usual, skeptical argument that Bigfoot doesn’t exist for lack of a verifiable specimen received another blow with the discovery of a new species of little crocodiles. It turns out our planet still has many hidden secrets. The new species of orange Dwarf Crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis) were first discovered in 2011 living in caves in the rainforests of Gabon – …

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Beware: Creepy Clowns On The Loose

At the time of writing, creepy clowns have been spotted in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, and even across the Atlantic in England.

Nothing against those of the jester profession but lots of people fear clowns (my hand is in the air at this point!). Perhaps the phobia is unjustified, rooted in television or novels, in which case Mr. Stephen King is to blame! However, the recent epidemic of creepy clowns sweeping across the US has found its way to the UK, reinforcing why …

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Footage Of Five-Foot Crocodile Shocks London Locals

Strange things have been spotted on and in the River Thames, but a crocodile isn’t usually one of them. That’s why we’re a bit skeptical of new footage showing a crocodile leisurely sunbathing on rocks by the Milwall Outer Docks in the Isle of Dogs area of London. A local fellow named “Ben” captured the footage with some mates while …

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Cotard’s Syndrome: Pathological Disorder Causes Patients to Believe They’re Zombies

Pop culture paints the premise for zombies and subsequent apocalypse as driven by a virus or bacteria infecting the masses, turning us into mindless, flesh-eating undead. Bad movie plots aside, is it possible for zombie behavior to originate from a non-foreign affliction, such as a mental disorder? Known as ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome,’ one such condition certainly raises an interesting possibility …

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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, Finale – The Good and the Bad

Submitted by Corodon Fuller Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I will waste no time speculating on who Negan “killed” at the end of this season finale. The Walking Dead has teased the question of “Who will Negan kill when he shows up?” and jerked its audience around for more than a full season at this point. Now …

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Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How To Become A Werewolf


Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by monsters and cryptids. But of all the creepy crawlers out there, none has enthralled me quite like werewolves. In fact, as a young child, every night I used to wish that I could figure out how to become a werewolf. As an adult, the longing never went away; despite my parents insistence that I …

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The Night Class, Part 16

Which brings us, more or less, to now. I promised that I would tell you everything, and this is the best I can do. I’m sorry I can’t explain myself face-to-face but, like I said at the beginning, this might be my only chance to explain at all. I’m giving this story to you, Jenna and Miranda, because you’ve seen …

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The Night Class, Part 15

I hadn’t been behind the wheel of a car since high school. I’d been afraid of cars my whole adult life, since the accident that hospitalized me for six weeks and stuck the fact of vampires deep in my brain like a festering cyst. I’d been afraid of a lot of things since then. Like now, I was afraid of …

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Fourteen Gifts For Your Vampire Lover

We've compiled a list of fourteen gifts for your vampire lover with suggestions ranging from the tame to the deliciously terrifying.

Vampire enthusiast or perhaps dating a vampire? I feel your pain – literally. Here’s an all too familiar dilemma, you’re searching for something unique for that special, pale darling in your life. Another cosplay makeup kit or director’s cut box set about glittery neck bitters would certainly earn you a night on the couch – or worse. No worries, you’re …

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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, February – Moving Up the Hierarchy of Needs

After The Walking Dead’s gory return this February we had two much-needed “breather” episodes. And as much as the audience needed a breather after a half season that managed to be both relentless and plodding, Rick and company have needed one even more. Now they’ve found time to plant crops, plan for babies, repair damaged relationships and build new ones—we’ve …

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