Lycancoin werewolf attacking screen
Lycancoin, part of the Vampirecoin & Zombiecoin trinity, is the world's first digital currency designed for werewolves (lycanthropes) and werewolf enthusiasts.


In the interest of furthering the study of teratoeconomics and the cryptid world, Monstrum Athenaeum is currently testing a new cryptidcurrency application named Cryptopoints Manager. Developed by, Cryptopoints Manager is a ranking system where you can earn points on Monstrum Athenaeum by regularly logging in, leaving article comments and sharing stories you like on social media. By increasing your points, you will attain new ranking orders. Based on your points and ranking, you then become eligible to receive real cryptidcurrency rewards in the form of Lycancoin, Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin cryptocurrency. The only requirement to participate is to register for free on Monstrum Athenaeum and to accept the Cryptopoints Manager Beta Licensing Agreement.

Cryptopoints Manager works by distributing cryptidcurrency to the wallet addresses you specify in your profile. Here’s what you need to do to properly setup your profile:

  • Visit and follow the instructions to download your wallet.
  • Visit and follow the instructions to download your wallet.
  • Visit and follow the instructions to download your wallet.
  • Copy the wallet addresses from the each of your wallets and paste them into the Extra Profile Section of your profile labelled Lycancoin, Vampirecoin, and Zombiecoin.


You earn points based on your level of engagement and here’s a schedule of those activities which will earn you points.

  • Like an article of Facebook – 5 Points
  • Tweet an article – 5 Points
  • Comment on an article – 3 Points
  • Points subtracted for each comment deleted – (-)3 Points
  • Daily reward for visiting us – 20 points
  • Point for new members – 100 Points

Hierarchical Ranking

Ranking Threshold (Points) Lycancoin Reward Zombiecoin Reward Vampirecoin Reward
Emeritus 50,000 6000  219  12.9
Professor 25,000 5000 183  10.8
Associate Professor 12,500 4000 146  8.6
Assistant Professor 6,400 3000 110  6.5
Lecturer 3,200 2000 73  4.3
Researcher 1,600 1000 37  2.2
Adjunct 800 50 1.8  0.1
Initiate 0  ~  ~  ~

Cryptidcurrency Rewards

For the latest list of schedule events detailing when we will be issuing cryptidcurrency rewards please visit our Events page. If there’s nothing listed it’s because we aren’t currently issuing cryptidcurrency rewards.


Have fun but don’t abuse the ranking system! If you spam comments or abuse an exploit your account will be deactivated. Try to limit your comments to a maximum of 1 per post; excessive comments which add little substance will be deleted.

The Cryptopoints Manager is currently in closed beta development. Understand that we cannot make any guarantees regarding the accuracy of your points or payout rewards. If you encounter an error, please send an email with the details to

The above information is subject to change without notice.


  1. Sdelayu Sait

    !!! this is a great idea !!!

  2. The Librarian

    Glad you like it – we’re going to start testing Litecoin and Bitcoin soon! is still working out some minor bugs and formatting issues but they should have everything buttoned up this week.

  3. CryptidCurrency

    We’re still testing and removing some persistent bugs centering around exploits. Should have everything wrapped up soon. Be sure to check out for more information.

  4. vidra

    >>>>> Log in every 5 days – 100 points <<<<<

    my opinion ONLY – this option does not work still … i Log in every 5 days, 6 days, 7 days and more …
    unfortunately, I don't get any 100 points in my account … 🙁

    please check and correct this bug …


  5. CryptidCurrency

    We’ll take a look at it. I’ll let the site admins know you didnt receive the 100 point reward. Thank you for your feedback!

  6. res1d39u1

    I’e been getting my points so it seems to be working for me. Are you blocking cookies or something?

  7. The Librarian

    Vidra – Cryptidcurrency did find a problem with the code and they’ve addressed the issue. It only occurred in certain circumstances, however, they’ve changed the feature so instead of 100 points every 5 days, you’ll earn 20 points every day on each page refresh. You’ll no longer need to actually logout and log back in to earn the reward.

    You earned some bonus points for helping us book worms out!

  8. Biohazard

    Yet another awesome picture… I like this site

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