One Seriously Haunted Hotel

When you think of a “haunted location”, do you usually picture an abandoned or dilapidated house, or perhaps an old factory that hasn’t seen workers in years?  With some exception, you could wager most people don’t often consider a location that’s still in business as having paranormal activity. However, one September night in 2003 proved strange and scary things, of a supernatural origin, can occur within the confines of an active busy venue, even a hotel.

In the above video, a security camera, located in a dimly lit hallway at the Wingate Hotel in Illinois, catches the flickering of lights as a security guard investigates what other hotel guests have described as “a woman screaming”. The hotel attendant, who was on the phone with another security guard from the hotel, captured the screaming on the recorded phone call. What’s really intriguing, as well as terrifying, is the log book for the hotel guests reflected no one was checked into that particular room.

As the video commences, you can see from the security footage that the guard, John, appears to be extremely nervous. You can also hear the screaming of a woman which was previously reported to the lobby by another guest. As John paces frantically back and forth, the guard on the phone tells him to wait for the police and to not enter the room. Whether it was the need to help a woman in danger, or just morbid curiosity, John decided to enter the room without police assistance. In the video, you can see him turn on his flashlight, as he cautiously opens the door and enters the dark room. However, upon further inspection, John found no one in the room. Instead, he discovered the furniture in disarray; beds and side tables turned upside down and strewn about. He also found the shower running on full blast in the bathroom. If that wasn’t enough to really scare you, as John turned to come back out of the room, a ghostly haze floats quickly past the security camera, and down the hallway as the lights flicker and dim. It was a hair-raising ordeal, indeed…

There have been, as with all cases of strange occurrences, those who believe this footage has been faked. They claim, on evidence yet to be seen, that a ghost wouldn’t randomly hang around and destroy rooms. Instead, they argue the ghostly haze captured on the security camera was just a reflection from John’s flashlight. If that’s true, then the person responsible might consider a career in Tinseltown, because this is some really scary footage.

Assuming the security camera did capture a ghost, what happened in this particular hotel, or that particular room, that would cause such a haunting? Was it a violent murder or a suicide? Whatever the case may be, it was surely a night of sheer terror for the security guard and lobby clerks who suffered the torment of the screaming woman. One would certainly think that an unusual, supernatural happening such as the one seen in this video would cause the people involved to think twice about making their nightly rounds alone. Good night, and sleep well…

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