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Is the Mothman Vacationing in Argentina?

Firefighter Carlos Sanchez and an unnamed police officer reportedly had an encounter with the Mothman, verifying the cryptid is currently enjoying some time outside the States.

Various countries and cultures are more frequently reporting sightings of cryptids similar to the Mothman. A creature that, up until now, was commonly encountered in the U.S., especially in the West Virginia region. This fact makes recent news out of Argentina even more fascinating for cryptid enthusiasts. According to media reports, which all seem to stem from the YouTube video …

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One Man’s Incredible Journey Searching For The Mothman

John Keel’s experience with the Mothman is truly a frightening one, as he himself almost became a casualty of the Silver Bridge disaster in Point Pleasant

Many years before the movie was made, author John Keel wrote “The Mothman Prophecies” book, covering the same people and events. Yes, the movie was based on that book but while Hollywood often goes to great lengths to dramatize actual events this time they were spot on. John Keel’s experience with the Mothman is truly a frightening one, as he …

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New Mothman Sightings In Colorado

Mothman sightings in an attic in Colorado

A man and his son may have had a close encounter with a cryptid similar to the Mothman in their Greeley, Colorado home earlier this year. Mr. Brown, 73, was helping his son clean out the attic and had just finished climbing the ladder when he realized something was watching him.  His initial thought was it was just a rat but when he …

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