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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, Finale – The Good and the Bad


Submitted by Corodon Fuller Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I will waste no time speculating on who Negan “killed” at the end of this season finale. The Walking Dead has teased the question of “Who will Negan kill when he shows up?” and jerked its audience around for more than a full season at this point. Now …

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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, February – Moving Up the Hierarchy of Needs


After The Walking Dead’s gory return this February we had two much-needed “breather” episodes. And as much as the audience needed a breather after a half season that managed to be both relentless and plodding, Rick and company have needed one even more. Now they’ve found time to plant crops, plan for babies, repair damaged relationships and build new ones—we’ve …

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The Preserving Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 5.0


Submitted by Corodon Fuller Remember in the shootout midway through Season 4, with Daryl hiding behind cover and zombies creeping up behind him? The camera cut away as one of them lunged at him—when we cut back, Daryl had dispatched the zombie and was using it as a shield. It was good for a laugh, but it also showed how far …

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The Regrouping Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 4.5


The midseason finale of the Walking Dead Season 4 smashed the prison and scattered the survivors to the four winds. For the rest of the season, they struggle separately, and we have to ask what it was worse for them to lose: the walls of the prison, or each other? This half of the season is all about that need …

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The Denying Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3


Submitted by Corodon Fuller The Walking Dead Season 3 opens many hard months after the end of Season 2. It’s time to ask again, who are these people? But instead of peering into the survivors’ souls today, let’s take a look at the beards. The facial hair on The Walking Dead is a surprisingly clear window into the bearer’s mental state. …

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The Killing Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 2.5


Submitted by Corodon Fuller The fifth season of The Walking Dead was full of blood, politics, and different shades of insanity. To really understand what’s going on, though, and what the survivors will have to deal with in Season 6, you have to look at Shane back in Season 2. To borrow from a recent episode title, what happened then is …

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The Hoping Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 2.0

The Walking Dead Season 2 is where the ensemble, the show’s real strength, start to come out of the woodwork. The plot… well, you can’t win them all.

Submitted by Corodon Fuller The initial havoc of the first season of The Walking Dead is behind us. Season 2 is where the ensemble—the show’s real strength—start to come out of the woodwork. The plot… well, you can’t win them all (but give it another season). The Greene farm hosts an awful lot of bickering, dickering, dithering, and dicking, but it …

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The Thinking Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 1


Submitted by Corodon Fuller AMC’s The Walking Dead will be starting its sixth season this October. What’s made it one of the best things on TV almost all the way through has been its willingness to ask big questions. What does it mean to be a good person? What does it mean to survive? How much are these things worth? In …

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