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Top Journal Publishes Guide to Zombies


The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is synonymous with the latest medical breakthroughs being discussed by top experts in the field of medicine, including cancer research. So it’s a surprise to discover they published a guide to zombies in their Christmas addition. Entitled ‘Zombie infections; epidemiology, treatment and prevention’ the guide was apparently (as they put it) part of their annual …

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, November Recap – Good Deaths and Bad Deaths


Submitted by Corodon Fuller To be perfectly honest, the last month of The Walking Dead has fallen well short of the show’s usual standards. Knowing that the writers plan to hit major plot points from the comics in the second half of this season, it feels like they’ve been killing time until then. They’ve also been killing characters, so now seems …

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Could Weaponized Ebola Be Used to Create a Zombie Apocalypse?

According to Vladimir Nikiforov from the Department of Infectious Diseases in Russia, there's already a chance Ebola could be weaponized in the form of an aerosol spray.

As if the outbreak of Ebola that spread like wildfire across Africa earlier this year wasn’t horrible enough, some scientists are now saying if the virus becomes airborne, it could be responsible for a zombie apocalypse scenario straight from television. The only good news of sorts is the scientific community believes Ebola won’t mutate into an airborne pathogen naturally. All …

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The Adopting Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3.5

(SPOILERS) The Making of Episode 309 The Suicide King: Inside The Walking Dead

Submitted by Corodon Fuller Let’s pick up where we left off in The Denying Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3.0. All the way in Season 5, in Alexandria, Deanna hears about the terrible things Rick has done to protect his family of survivors (adopted and otherwise). She shrugs, “Sounds like I want to be part of your family.” But who …

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Science Has Once Again Saved Us From The Zombie Apocalypse (Well..Some Of Us)

We build up to a full scale simulation of an outbreak in the United States, and discover that for `realistic' parameters, we are largely doomed. - Abstract: S48.00008 : The Statistical Mechanics of Zombies

For years, zombie enthusiasts have debated over the best places to hide when the undead begin walking the earth. Nowadays, given the fixation of zombie lore in our popular culture, spirited arguments over bug-out locations are seemingly unavoidable – online forums, the workplace water cooler, or just about any place two or more emergency preppers rub shoulders. However, none of …

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Zombie Apocalypse Quiz: Which Weapons Would Suck During A Zombie Attack?

Zombie Apocalypse Quiz: Which Weapons Would Suck During A Zombie Attack?

Here’s a zombie apocalypse quiz for you – do you know which weapons would serve you best when the undead masses are clawing at your door? Better yet, do you know which would be the worst? During a zombie attack some weapons will be more desirable than others due to the extreme amount of damage that they can inflict upon targets; both …

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Too Bad Zombies Can’t Sue for Royalties

Zombie Cheerleader / Zombie Walk 2012

Zombies have taken over the world, and fans of the monstrous creations are simply happy to give them full rein. Whether you go to the movies or turn on your T.V. you’re bound to see the animated corpses wreaking havoc.  The Exploitation of Zombies Monstrous trends such as vampires, witches, gargoyles and wizards typically have a shelf life. However, shows …

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