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Cotard’s Syndrome: Pathological Disorder Causes Patients to Believe They’re Zombies


Pop culture paints the premise for zombies and subsequent apocalypse as driven by a virus or bacteria infecting the masses, turning us into mindless, flesh-eating undead. Bad movie plots aside, is it possible for zombie behavior to originate from a non-foreign affliction, such as a mental disorder? Known as ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome,’ one such condition certainly raises an interesting possibility …

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Scientists Working To Reanimate Dead Brains


Arrogance aside, apparently a few scientists aren’t familiar with the possible world ending scenario associated with an outbreak of zombies caused by science going too far. If they did, then perhaps they’d think twice about reanimating the dead. Straight from the pages of the next young adult novel thriller, a group from a Philadelphia-based company are currently trying to reanimate …

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A Good Idea? Scientists Make Zombie Cells


You know that film or book where everything starts out with good intentions, but you just know something’s bound to go wrong, and the characters end up fleeing the ever hungry undead? Well, that film’s playing right now only we’re the dopey characters waiting to be finished off by the numbers. Maybe it’s not that bad but a group of …

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Top Journal Publishes Guide to Zombies


The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is synonymous with the latest medical breakthroughs being discussed by top experts in the field of medicine, including cancer research. So it’s a surprise to discover they published a guide to zombies in their Christmas addition. Entitled ‘Zombie infections; epidemiology, treatment and prevention’ the guide was apparently (as they put it) part of their annual …

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, November Recap – Good Deaths and Bad Deaths


Submitted by Corodon Fuller To be perfectly honest, the last month of The Walking Dead has fallen well short of the show’s usual standards. Knowing that the writers plan to hit major plot points from the comics in the second half of this season, it feels like they’ve been killing time until then. They’ve also been killing characters, so now seems …

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The Preserving Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 5.0


Submitted by Corodon Fuller Remember in the shootout midway through Season 4, with Daryl hiding behind cover and zombies creeping up behind him? The camera cut away as one of them lunged at him—when we cut back, Daryl had dispatched the zombie and was using it as a shield. It was good for a laugh, but it also showed how far …

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The Regrouping Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 4.5


The midseason finale of the Walking Dead Season 4 smashed the prison and scattered the survivors to the four winds. For the rest of the season, they struggle separately, and we have to ask what it was worse for them to lose: the walls of the prison, or each other? This half of the season is all about that need …

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The Returning Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 4


Submitted by Corodon Fuller The Walking Dead Season 4 is where the tension that’s been growing through the whole series really starts to ripen. With the walls and fences of the prison between them and the zombies, the survivors actually have time to think about the people they’ve become. They have a chance to build a stable society, but are they …

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The Denying Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3


Submitted by Corodon Fuller The Walking Dead Season 3 opens many hard months after the end of Season 2. It’s time to ask again, who are these people? But instead of peering into the survivors’ souls today, let’s take a look at the beards. The facial hair on The Walking Dead is a surprisingly clear window into the bearer’s mental state. …

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The Killing Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 2.5


Submitted by Corodon Fuller The fifth season of The Walking Dead was full of blood, politics, and different shades of insanity. To really understand what’s going on, though, and what the survivors will have to deal with in Season 6, you have to look at Shane back in Season 2. To borrow from a recent episode title, what happened then is …

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