Sighting Of The Lake Tahoe Bigfoot Caught On Camera

New footage has emerged of a Lake Tahoe Bigfoot sighting near Tahoe City, in Placer County, California taken by a skateboarder just outside the city.  The footage was taken by a YouTube user called Couch Potato and was reported in the Metro newspaper.

The footage shows a creature standing very still and almost perfectly camouflaged near the stump of a tree.  The video lasts only around 15 seconds and the creature can be seen for the last five seconds; slowed down by The Paranormal Review prior to its release. The dark silhouette of the creature comes into view at about the 9 second mark, on the left side of the screen.

The cameraman himself wasn’t actually searching for Bigfoot when he took the footage using his helmet mounted camera.  He was completely unaware the creature was watching him as he tested out his new camera and it wasn’t until a few days later, when editing the footage, did he spot his watcher.


Checking the BFRO database, it appears this is not the first sighting in Placer County and California itself has high numbers of sightings across its entire range.  The most recent sighting apart from this one comes from September 2007 when a man took his family for a trip to the park around Lake Arthur.

It was around 7pm and they were walking along a trail when they reached a large tree branch around 13 feet in length and 12 inches in diameter.  The man picked up one end to move it away from the trail, unsure how it had got there in the first place.  They continued along the trail for a little while longer but as it was getting dark, they turned back.  As they passed the spot where the branch had been, they noticed footprints in the wet earth that had been uncovered by moving of the branch.  There was one large print and several others indicating a 3-4 feet stride.  As they were about to get back into their car, the man noticed two dark figures in the trees, some 20 feet from their position.  One looked around the same height as his girlfriend, around 5 foot 1 inch and were bipedal.

Another report dates from 2001 when a group of friends were camping near the Rubicon River.  It was a site they were familiar with and was normally filled with wildlife.  On this occasion, in July, they found the site eerily quiet.  They made their camp and decided to do a little hiking around the campsite so they headed up the river. Almost a quarter mile upstream, they came to a rock formation opposite a deep crevice in the river.  A member of the group heard noises in the bushes and alerted the others.  They were startled to see a large, hairy figure move out from the rocks, crouching.  It was covered in dark brown hair, over 6 feet tall and had no snout, with a face more resembling a primate.  Its feet looked like human feet but proportionately longer.  It climbed up the rocks and vanished into another crevasse higher up.  The men headed back to the campsite at this point and saw no more of the creature.


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  1. Hannah Walters

    Oh that is sooooo creepy. Wonder if it was really a bigfoot.

  2. The Librarian

    If true, I bet the guy thinks twice before heading back out there…

  3. Rjw1122

    He needs to pay more attention to what is around him.

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