Video Captures Strange Creature In Utah Bigfoot Hotspot

A new YouTube video has been posted purportedly showing a Bigfoot type creature in a wooded area of Utah already known as a hotspot for sightings of the elusive cryptid.  YouTube user, Mountain Hiker, uploaded the video on February 26, 2015, and many, including The Paranormal View, who specialize in reviewing such videos to eliminate hoaxes, were quick to scrutinize it.

The person who took the footage, remaining nameless, said the creature was spotted while hiking near the American Fork Canyon in the vicinity of Tibble Creek Reservoir.  According to the hiker, he was spooked by a figure in the distance but assumed it was an animal such as a moose, bear or elk.  The area where the encounter occurred was heavily forested, and he didn’t get a clear look at the animal before it disappeared behind some trees.  Still thinking it was an animal, he continued to walk through the snow but decided to video the guest.

Shortly after the animal began moving again in the trees, and the hiker was able to focus the camera on it.  Despite being admittedly scared, he recorded the animal stepping into a clearing and realized it wasn’t your garden variety wildlife. Reevaluating the situation, he decided he had been brave enough and fled.

His recollection of what he saw was, in his words, less than what the video had captured, although he did remember seeing a massive animal. The hiker wasn’t sure if the animal was a Bigfoot or similar type of cryptid but having spent a lot of time outdoors, he knew it wasn’t a moose.

American Fork Canyon is near Provo, Utah and is part of Utah County. This area’s documented as one of the two most active Bigfoot hotspots in Utah, according to reports received by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). Sightings date back to 1982 and have occurred during all times of the year.

Prior to this sighting, the most recent was in 2005 when a married couple was exploring Bridge Canyon just off Highway 6.  They had stopped their Jeep on the Sterling Hollow trailhead and set out to enjoy the view the canyon.  While taking in the scenery, the wife began to feel sick and returned to the vehicle.  A strange feeling also came of over the husband, so the pair decided to leave the spot.  As he turned the key in Jeep’s ignition, he saw something move very quickly in the nearby oak trees.  The creature was moving low, hunched over and appeared to be some six feet tall, running fast.  The couple, accustomed to spending time outdoors, stated they never felt anything like the feeling they had while close to that creature.

Besides the sightings of these fury ninjas, Utah County is also a good place to spot Bigfoot tracks. There are at least two documented incidences where strange footprints were found suspected to be from the cryptids.  This latest video, if authentic, supports the argument that there is indeed Bigfoot type creatures living in the wooded areas of Utah County, hiding from the public in plain sight with the bears and elks.

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