I am of no mood to entertain you with the privacy of my person and even if I were, you would call me mad. All you need to know is they exist - all of them - those monsters and demons of legend do lurk about with sinister intention. I will find them and expose them; then we'll see who is mad.

Top 10 Places You Might Find A Vampire

Vampire riding the Glasgow subway, image courtesy of

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. That being said, what makes mortals think the only places they can be found is sleeping in coffins? Although they sometimes do sleep in coffins, this isn’t their whole day… er… I mean night. They can be found in a vast number of places and anywhere people normally congregate. Below …

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Bodies Found In Long Island May Be The Work Of A Real Werewolf

Real werewolf killing in Long Island

A commonly known fact about killers, or serial killers if you will, is that they generally have a modus operandi (M.O.), and perform their acts as a type of ritualistic release. The idea that a serial killer could change his M.O. and the location of his killings is not well documented, nor is the act itself very common. However, this …

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CONPLAN 8888 – How The Government Secretly Prepares For A Zombie Apocalypse

CONPLAN 8888 Military Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Secretly preparing for a zombie apocalypse by hiding a zombie conspiracy in plain sight is the best way to get people to not believe in the truth. When a massive contingency plan is set forth and put into practice by the military powers of the world, then there’s something more to it than simply a joke telegram. CONPLAN 8888 was written, …

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A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack

I don’t know if it was out of pity or having a captive audience but the hostel owner shared his advice on how to survive a werewolf attack.

A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack In my younger years, my friends and I visited Romania for a while. We had saved up our cash and went backpacking all over Europe for a while. You know what we found out after we got there? That place still has werewolves – at least that’s what they all …

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Were Zombies On A Plane That Crashed in Afghanistan?

Plane crash in Afghanistan

February 1, 2013, just outside of Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, a camera caught this video of a cargo plane steeply climbing into the air, then suddenly banking to the right and plummeting back to the earth; violently exploding upon impact and killing all seven crew that were aboard. The cargo was said to be military vehicles and “other cargo”. …

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Are Ghouls Behind Two Hundred Missing Bodies?

200 Bodies Missing from Morgues

Death is an inevitable ending to the natural cycle of life for all of us mortals and much fanfare is placed on our passing. What if, however, instead of a nice funeral for our loved ones to mourn the loss, our body(s) went missing? No service, no record, just POOF… gone! That seems to be the case in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where …

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Are Cryptids Kidnappers? Evidence of Sasquatch Abductions Points to Yes

Native American Cave Painting With Abnormal Hand Prints

Today, people commonly conceptualize monsters as characters from the most recent horror movie and the only thing they know about the natural existence of these creatures is based on what’s been characterized in pop culture literature. To be fair, it is true the ethology of these creatures is largely unverified beyond unexplained deaths, missing persons and half-eaten live stock but a pervasive bias to continually view …

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The Bone Collector

The West Mesa Bone Collector

In February of 2009, a startling discovery was found at the west mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico. A gruesome collection of human bones littered the area. Police were baffled by this crime, which turned out to be the mass burial/dumping site of a prostitute killer dubbed “The West Mesa Bone Collector”. The body count stands at 11, with scores more …

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Green Eyed Wolf Attacks Good Samaritan Motorist

Green Eyed Werewolf

The report was published in the National Post newspaper and was met with skepticism by biologists. The woman, Dawn Hepp, stopped to help a stranded motorist on Highway 6 on March 8, 2013 along a lonely stretch of road near Grand Rapids. As she got out of her car, she saw a timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) but thought nothing …

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Did Rare Himalayan Werewolves Attack and Authorities Cover It Up?

Himalayan avalanche used to cover up werewolves.

Don’t let the LA Times article mislead you into accepting the deaths of these poor individuals was the result of a simple avalanche – there may be another explanation.  While the avalanche on Mount Everest may appear to be a tragic accident, there’s the possibility it was the result of a hurried cover up by local officials caught unaware. Officials of the Nepal …

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