My name is Thomas Gilchrist Meekdale, and I've devoted my life to studying cryptid cultures of the monstrum variety including their teratoeconomics. I specialize in three distinct types of cryptids - werewolves, vampires and zombies. I would like to welcome you to Monstrum Athenaeum. I hope that soon this site will become an exciting source for news and insight about these creatures.

The Jiangshi: History Of Chinese Zombies Predates Western Zombie Pop Culture

The physical appearance of a jiangshi varies significantly depending upon the origin of the creature, often described as a cross between a vampire and zombie.

When many of us hear talk of reanimated corpses staggering stiffly around the streets with their arms outstretched, trying to eat people, we think “zombie”.  But if you’re in China, yelling “Zombie” in a crowd just might go unnoticed. Instead, if you want to motivate folks to flee the advancing undead hoard, you’re better off screaming “Jiangshi!” No, not the …

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Gnawed Bones Proof of Bigfoot At Mount St. Helens?

A professor at Centralia College in Washington recently announced that he’s found scientific proof confirming the existence of Bigfoot. If true, his discovery just might be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of this century in the field of cryptozoological research. Professor Mitchel Townsend was walking in the woods near Ryan Lake in East Lewis County, Washington when he found …

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Botanist Witnesses Werewolf Transformation in Wisconsin

If his story is true, he is one of the few people to ever witness a werewolf transformation and live to tell about it.

According to a report on the Cryptozoology News website, a man had an amazing encounter in the woods of Wisconsin in August, 2013. If his story is true, he is one of the few people to ever witness a werewolf transformation and live to tell about it. The man, an outdoorsman who gave his name simply as Richard, lives in …

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A Personal Account of Sasquatch

My grandmother said it was Halloween pranksters, but my uncle quickly disagreed. He swore that no human could break the trees in such a way. It took a group of people with 4x4 trucks and logging chains to clear the mess.

by Shan Michaels When I was 7 years old, back in 1983, I lived with my grandmother and my uncle in the mountains of Virginia. From where the borders of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee meet, we were about 60 miles in, but still on the far western side of the state. The old gravel road we lived on only had …

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Sasquatch Encounter Reported in Holland

The encounter closely matches the general descriptions of Sasquatch encounters around the world, leading some to conclude that it was just that; Sasquatch.

The great outdoors holds adventure, natural beauty and attracts millions of people every year to explore and marvel. This holds true, no matter where you go in the world. From the rain forests of Brazil to the grassy, desert plains of Africa, and all points in between; people are attracted to seeking out the majestic beauty that is our world. …

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Gigantopithecus May Have Been Caught On Camera In Kentucky

This unknown beast closely resembles a gorilla, yet it doesn't move like a gorilla. So, what could it be? Is this the once thought extinct Gigantopithecus?

Sure enough, there are plenty of mysteries in our world, some of which will never be solved. And it’d be a safe wager a few just aren’t meant to be solved, nor are they meant to be understood. Perhaps this is the case with a well-known legend, common throughout many cultures around the world. Depending on where you’re from, you …

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Proof Chupacabras are Real and Getting Around?

Are Chupacabras real? While many people do believe in the beasties, skeptics are quick to point out the lack of evidence, attributing the legends to nothing more than a scary fairy tale.

Chupacabras are a fascinating cryptid with a long history of sightings and encounters, but there’s not been much in the way of actual proof that these creatures really exist. However, two recent incidents may have changed everything (or at least moved the needle in the right direction). As we’ve pointed out in the past, this legendary “goat sucker” was officially …

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Pope Lick Monster – Terrible Name But All Evil

The Pope Lick Monster's extremely deformed man-like body is covered in long fur. Wide set eyes, sharp horns and an aquiline nose frame its alabaster face.

There’s a dark and sinister creature living beneath the Pope Lick Trestle near Floyd’s Creek in Louisville, Kentucky.  First sighted in the 1970’s, this unknown cryptid, simply known as “The Pope Lick Monster”, has been described as a human & goat hybrid that’s earned it the nickname – “Goat Man”. Thought to be responsible for several deaths in the area, …

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Are Sasquatches Living a Life of Domestic Bliss in Arizona?

On January 1, 2015, at approximately 3:45 p.m., a traffic camera monitored by the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) recorded an image that has since renewed worldwide debate on the existence of Sasquatches. In most cases, government officials intentionally steer clear of discussing anything to do with cryptids or the paranormal, but someone behind the scenes clearly thought the world needed …

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Hunting Hoax Or Was Bigfoot Caught On A Trail Cam?

After all these years, was Bigfoot caught on a trail cam? In any case, there’s a great campfire story in the making with those darkened images.

It seems anyone whose hunted or fished for any length of time picks up a story or two about something spooky they’ve seen or heard or in the woods. You know the stories, they’re best told around campfires to either help pass the time or, in some cases, to scare the crap out of kids. Occasionally, the really juicy stories get passed …

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