My name is Thomas Gilchrist Meekdale, and I've devoted my life to studying cryptid cultures of the monstrum variety including their teratoeconomics. I specialize in three distinct types of cryptids - werewolves, vampires and zombies. I would like to welcome you to Monstrum Athenaeum. I hope that soon this site will become an exciting source for news and insight about these creatures.

Finding Bigfoot Easier Than We Think – Ohio Man Tracks Bigfoot to Camp

He had no problems finding Bigfoot and had observed the creatures nine different times.

An Ohio man who claims to have had numerous encounters with a Bigfoot cryptid in Scioto County, Ohio, also said he has seen the camp the creatures call home.  In addition, he discovered what he believed to be a burial ground where the creatures buried their dead in much the same way we do. The man, Dallas Gilbert, star of …

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The First Vampirologist: William of Newburgh

William of Newburgh life’s work was culminated in his Historia Rerum Anglicarum, a chronicle of English history from 1066 until the year of his death, 1098.

William of Newburgh was born in 1136 in the Yorkshire town of Bridlington but as a youth moved to the Augustinian Priory at Newburgh where he lived for the rest of his life.  From an early age, his superiors in the priory realized he had great scholarly talents and urged him to make use of them.  His life’s work was …

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More Bigfoot Sightings in Virginia, This Time Caught on Camera

The Bigfoot footage was uploaded by Randy O’Neal and the actual picture of the creature was taken by his unnamed father during a trip the pair was on.

Reported Bigfoot encounters are not new to Virginia and a recent video has emerged on YouTube featuring a photograph taken in rural Virginia showing a Bigfoot-type cryptid walking near a river.  The picture was taken on an old-style flip phone but nonetheless, a clear figure can been seen covered in dark brown hair and walking on two legs. The video …

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Bigfoot Sightings in Siberia – The Yeti Is Alive and Well

Fisherman, Vitaly Vershinin, shows the location he observed the Yeti from his boat on the Mras-Su River.

A spate of recent Bigfoot sightings within the last few years in the Kemerovo region of Russia highlights the apparently thriving Yeti community living in the remote parts of the country.  Experts believe there are around 30 of the creatures living across this remote area of Siberia. The first report came from the fishing village of Myski, in August 2012, …

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New Mothman Sightings In Colorado

Mothman sightings in an attic in Colorado

A man and his son may have had a close encounter with a cryptid similar to the Mothman in their Greeley, Colorado home earlier this year. Mr. Brown, 73, was helping his son clean out the attic and had just finished climbing the ladder when he realized something was watching him.  His initial thought was it was just a rat but when he …

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Werewolf Filmed in Brazilian Backyard

Werewolf in Brazilian backyard

News outlets including the Huffington Post are carrying a video of a werewolf filmed in a Brazilian backyard that has frightened the locals so much that the authorities had imposed a curfew. The video was taken in the town of Sao Goncalo de Campos and shows a backyard with trees and a rope swing.  From the left of the screen, …

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More Skinwalker Stories Suggest Werewolf Activity In New Mexico

Images of a skinwalker courtesy of

Photographs emerged on Facebook earlier this year of a strange cryptid-like creature sighted near Lybrook and Counselor in New Mexico, not far from the Jicarilla Native American reservation.  The creature has been labelled a skinwalker by those who have studied it, but what is a skinwalker? According to legend, a skinwalker is a person who has the ability to shapeshift into an …

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Wessex Way Werewolf Caught On Tape

Wessex Way Werewolf

Real paranormal videos are extremely difficult to come by but as luck would have it, traffic surveillance cameras on the A338 Wessex Way road in Bournemouth, Dorset, England have caught images of what appears to be the legendary Wessex Way Werewolf crossing the northbound side of the road.  The video, available on YouTube, dates from 2007 but was only uploaded …

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Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How to Become a Vampire


Lately, I’ve received quite a few requests from readers wanting to know if I knew how they could become a vampire. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person to ask since I’ve never actively attempted to become one of these creatures and I tend to discourage cryptanthropy as a casual endeavor. However, in my studies at Miskatonic University I became friends …

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The Shelby County Werewolf Legends

Werewolf legends, Image of Shelby County Farm

In Shelby County, Kentucky, livestock such as goats and calves are being attacked by an animal that remains shrouded in mystery. What’s so strange about it is these animals are not being eaten at all by the creature. The fact that they merely are being attacked is what has many people on edge, because if it were a mountain lion …

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