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Utah Girl’s IPad Records Bigfoot Evidence During Family Road Trip

Kids love taking videos but who would have guessed an unnamed young girl would capture the latest bigfoot footage with her iPad while traveling in the back of the family car. The girl and her family were on the highway near Provo Airport in Utah when the sighting occurred. The video starts out normal enough, shoes, the car interior, etc. …

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Dead Mermaid Body Photographed In Great Yarmouth

Dismissed today as fantastic legends spun by drunken sailors, mermaids, with maybe the exception of the Kraken, are the most famous aquatic cryptids. However, the purely legendary status of these creatures is, once again, called into question now that new footage shows a dead and decaying “mermaid body” washed up on the beach in Great Yarmouth in England. The footage …

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Bigfoot Caught On Camera Beneath A Bald Eagle Nest

The best evidence supporting the existence of cryptids sometimes comes from sources not aiming to capture anything of the sort. Case in point, the latest example is strange footage recorded by a nest camera in Beulah, Michigan showing a figure eerily resembling a bigfoot. Initially placed to capture the hatching and development of two baby bald eagles, the camera caught …

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R. Monteith: Inside the Life of a Bigfoot Researcher

"Florida Skunk Ape by Sybilla Irwin 2016",

Submitted by Holly Chavez Does Bigfoot exist? It’s a question our readers and writers find highly intriguing, which is why we’re very excited to have the opportunity to discuss this cryptid with someone who knows it best: R. Monteith. As a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s (BFRO) Florida chapter, Monteith participated in numerous expeditions. Personally, she investigates sightings …

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Hunt is On for Man Harassed by Bigfoot

Local police department would very much like to speak to the person harassed by bigfoot but claim they've not received any reports directly.

Authorities in Clarke County, Alabama, are searching for the man who claims a bigfoot is harassing his family and murdering his outdoor pets. The story first surfaced at the end of May with reports the unidentified victim threatened to kill the cryptid if authorities didn’t intervene. This report was a follow-up to a story originally posted on the BFRO website. …

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Man Encounters Tlicho Sasquatch On A Remote Canadian Island

A man from the Northwest Territories of Canada has reported an encounter with a sasquatch in Lac La Martre, the third largest lake in the area. The man had fallen from his boat into the water and was left stranded. So how did the man end up overboard? According to the story, he saw garbage floating on the surface and …

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Dog Saves Family During Black Eyed Kids Encounter

Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, you name it, they seem to know when danger is near. Now, a recent encounter with a Black Eyed Kid (BEK) confirms man’s best friend just might tip you off to a cryptid prowler. The reported sighting came from a fellow named Bill whose girlfriend, Adena, and pet dog, …

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Telepathic Dogmen (Werewolves) Stalk Man In Pennsylvania

For sure, Pennsylvania is known for the weird and strange, but this latest eye-witness report serves up a tale with a different flavor. This time one of our favorite werewolves, the dogman, has learned a new trick – telepathy. The witness, named Zay, grew up hearing dogmen stories and recalls finding tracks in the mud around the forests of his …

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In Search of the Blue Man of the Mountains

If you’re a local to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, you’re well aware of Bigfoot, but you’re likely to know it by a different name, the Blue Man of the Mountains. As past times go, keeping an eye out for the “Blue Man” is probably high on your list. David Prater lives in Salem and has been Bigfoot tracking since …

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Did Google Earth Inadvertently Capture Kraken Footage?

Google Earth is an awesome tool for checking out the world from high above. On occasion, though, strange images pop up leaving us scratching our heads, speculating as to what the mystery could be. Case in point, a curious picture was taken near Antarctica that has many claiming proof ‘sea monsters’ exist. The staff at UFO Sighting Daily reviewed the …

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