Dating Shelly

Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 9)

One glass of wine turned into half a dozen and we were lit. I couldn't resist any longer. I melted in her kiss, and it was over.

Dear Sarah,  Well, my bliss was short-lived and, just as I should have known, my blind happiness was a bit dangerous too. I let my guard down. I was in such a great mood and the world, and everything in it looked perfect. I didn’t think anything at all could bring me down, and that was my undoing. I was …

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Journal Entry No. 8

The most relaxing and calm part of my day, as far as Shelly’s concerned, is that I’m no longer obsessed or admittedly worried about her quirkiness. A minor issue compared to everything happening now. Thought I’d never say this, but part of me wants to go back to the way it was before when it was just the two of …

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Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 8)

Dear Sarah,  Midterms are a bitch!  I should be studying but, oh hell, I can’t help it. I am in such a good mood nothing can bring me down.  Even the unfairness of Social Psychology being taught by a sociologist isn’t pissing me off. Professor Frazier is a silly, little man.  Doesn’t he know none of us care about his …

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Journal Entry No. 7

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to find out Shelly wore a dog collar.

I honestly believe I’m becoming insane. Jesus, where do I even begin? With everything that’s going on right now in my classes, this whole “reappearance” of Sammy has my mind splayed to the four corners of the globe. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to think or do in a situation like this? Shelly hangs on her every …

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Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 7)

Dear Sarah, I am still confused by everything and things just keep getting more complicated.  The more time Sammy’s around me, the more I feel like I’m losing control.  There was a time when I would have done just about anything for or with her. Not now. Don’t get me wrong, she can’t control me like normal boys.  My mom …

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Journal Entry No. 6

NOW, there’s a new girl going to our school and apparently Shelly knows her pretty well. A little too well for my liking…

Journal Entry – Number 6 Ok, I don’t even know what to say about this past week. I may sound like I’m rambling( or perhaps even sobbing) as I write this, so bear with me… I’ve been seeing Shelly for quite a while now, almost a whole year. I’ve always suspected her of being different, but that’s part of why …

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Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 6)

I need to figure this out before we either end up in a threesome or Brendan disappears. I'm pretty sure Sammy would be down for either one and probably both. Brendan would probably love the first part but the second part - not so much.

Dear Sarah, I know I haven’t been keeping you up to date lately; I know that.  But so much has been going on that I don’t even know where to begin or what’s going on, exactly, or more importantly, how I feel about it.  It seems everything in my life just confuses the hell out of me lately always! Oh, …

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Journal Entry – May 24th

“Shelly!” I shouted. Shelly froze; one hand around Tim’s throat and the other balled up in a fist by her ear – ready to strike.

Journal Entry – May 24th Ok, today was another hard to explain type of weird day. It was awesome all the same, but still weird. Shelly and I were studying, under the old oak tree as usual, when Tim showed up; like a cockroach dropping out of the box  into your last bowl of cereal. I’m pretty sure that jerk …

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Dear Sarah – May 24th

I tore into Tim with a vengeance. Thankfully, I still have pretty good control this time of the month so I just beat him senseless and broke his hand.

Dear Sarah, Damn it!  I am soooo pissed off I’m shaking! Tim, that utter waste of space, doesn’t know how lucky he is to be alive, let alone still have his dick. That bastard struck again. Only this time, I was caught off guard. Probably the pervading smell of booze masked his stench but I didn’t realize he was even close until he was there. By …

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Journal Entry – May 21st

I have no idea what the hell’s going on, but I believe I may be cursed with the worst luck ever. I never get to have my say before things get out of hand

Journal Entry – May 21st I have no idea what the hell’s going on, but I believe I may be cursed with the worst luck ever. I never get to have my say before things get out of hand and sideways; keeping me from having a real conversation with Shelly. It really sucks too, because this is something I need …

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