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Was Bigfoot Found in New Hampshire? Find Out on Jan 17

The popular Animal Plant program “Finding Bigfoot” spent some time last year exploring New Hampshire in search of the cryptid, and the creative team is finally ready to tell the world what they found. It remains to be seen if the show will air any concrete evidence of Bigfoot roaming through the Granite State, but people worldwide will certainly tune …

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Coon Hunter Spooked By Bigfoot Encounter

Back in February 2000, a man and avid “coon hunter” came forward and told a story about encountering a creature in Texarkana that sounds an awful lot like Bigfoot. The Coon Hunter was an experienced, award-winning hunter, who was licensed to hunt across three states. At the time of the encounter, he was in the Miller County area of Arkansas, …

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Batutut – The Vietnamese Bigfoot

Around the world, numerous cultures maintain legends of cryptids that all appear to be subspecies of Bigfoot. For example, you’re probably familiar with some of the lesser known varieties, such as the Australian Yowie, but what about Batutut? The Batutut, also known as the Nguoi rung, is a lesser known bipedal creature inhabiting the forests of Vietnam. While many locals …

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Researchers Renew Interest In An Old Bigfoot Theory

Sceptics often point to the lack of a physical corpse as proof Bigfoot is nothing more than a culturally popular hoax. Now one researcher speaking at the Greater New England UFO Conference has given an interesting explanation into why he thinks Bigfoot bodies never turn up. William Hill is a researcher who primarily works with the study of UFOs and …

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Is This New Bigfoot Footage Really The “Most Impressive”?

A video released on YouTube is being called one of the most impressive videos of Bigfoot ever caught. Ronald Von Beringe, a naturalist, captured the video with a Moultrie Game Camera he set up while camping in California. Ronald wrote that the camera was set to a 10-second delay on the motion sensor but lamented how much more would have …

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Washington Family Encounters Two Whistling Bigfoot

It would seem there have been more Bigfoot encounters than normal reported lately where the creatures are described as exhibiting human-like behavior.  Could our habits, both bad and good, be rubbing off on these once innocent creatures?  Well, a woman and her son from Snohomish County might have the answer. They both claim to have spotted two whistling Bigfoot, communicating to …

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New Video Shows Yowie Spotted in Queensland

Heal spotted the Yowie roughly 160 feet from his location and took the best still pictures he could but wasn't able to get a good video shot.

Jason Heal, a cryptozoologist from Queensland has released a video composed of a series of still shots he took showing a cryptid considered a distant relative of Bigfoot, known as a Yowie. Aboriginal mythology describes the Yowie as an intelligent and curious forest dwelling creature, living peacefully in the country. Heal spotted the Yowie roughly 160 feet from his location …

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The Sasquatch Of Bellville

As you can tell from their story, their description of what we’ve called the Sasquatch of Bellville proves that there’s a significant variation in both size and temperament with these cryptids.

From time to time, we must heed the call of the great outdoors. There’s something intrinsic, albeit primitive, beckoning us to leave civilization and explore the wild. While we all feel the calling, how each of us enjoys mother nature is very individual. Some people like to go on hikes while others like to skydive. Others like to fish or …

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Newly Released Video Shows Bigfoot Carrying Wrapped Parcel

While no one’s suggesting it’s been out shopping for the wife’s birthday, the latest video to emerge does seem to show Bigfoot carrying something wrapped in cloth.  The footage, only a few seconds long, was uploaded by a researcher called MK Davis who was trekking in the Bluff Creek area of California when he took the footage, back in 2008. At …

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