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Skeptic to Believer: Will This Sasquatch Picture Also Convince You?

John is convinced the dark, shadowy spot in that image is the legendary Sasquatch. (Image courtesy John Boutwell)

Submitted by Shannon Michaels on 12/29/2014 Whether or not you actually believe in the existence of cryptids, there may come a time when you encounter something truly unexplainable. Perhaps a momentary glimpse of something moving quickly through the shadows or the crackling of breaking branches in the brush, but, never-the-less, enough to stop you mid-step and raise the hairs on the …

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Did These Videos Capture Rare Sasquatch Encounters Or An Elaborate Hoax?

When he got home and slowed the video down, he saw a Sasquatch sitting by the tree, and as it fell, it got up and walked away.

Tales of wood dwelling giants go so far back in history, it’s virtually impossible to identify when the first report occurred. What is known, however, is tribes of the unsettled areas which would eventually become the United States told legends of such giants; each with their own unique description of the cryptids. Stretching from the East Coast all the way …

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Bamoola: Historical Sasquatch Sightings In Mount Katahdin

Sasquatch sightings In Mount Katahdin - legends passed down from Native American tribes say Mt. Katahdin is home to Sasquatch-like giants called “Bamoola”

The Appalachian Trail, which stretches some 2200 miles from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine, contains some of the most remote wilderness left in this modern world. While there are towns and farms spaced out along the way, it’s not an adventure for someone who isn’t completely serious about the journey, as anything could happen out there. …

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Credible Sasquatch Sightings: Man Chased While Riding ATV

While most Sasquatch sightings involve a brief glimpse of a creature, this story's unique because the man reports to have been pursued while riding his ATV.

According to a recently added report on www.bfro.net, a man in Adams County, Ohio has reported an unnerving encounter with a cryptid matching the description of Sasquatch. While most Sasquatch sightings involve just hearing sounds or catching a brief glimpse of the creature from a distance, this story is unique because the man reports to have been pursued while riding his ATV.  …

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Sighting Of The Lake Tahoe Bigfoot Caught On Camera

New footage has emerged of a Lake Tahoe Bigfoot sighting near Tahoe City, in Placer County, California taken by a skateboarder just outside the city.

New footage has emerged of a Lake Tahoe Bigfoot sighting near Tahoe City, in Placer County, California taken by a skateboarder just outside the city.  The footage was taken by a YouTube user called Couch Potato and was reported in the Metro newspaper. The footage shows a creature standing very still and almost perfectly camouflaged near the stump of a …

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Bigfoot Sightings Abroad – Australia’s Yowie

Bigfoot Sightings Abroad – Australia’s Yowie

Our beloved North American Bigfoot has many names across the world (such as Yeti and Sasquatch) but in Australia, the secretive cryptid is known as Yowie. In the eastern part of the country, the Yowie is described in Aboriginal folklore as roughly seven to twelve feet in height with large, Bigfoot-like feet. However, suspected Yowie tracks which have been found …

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Bigfoot Sightings in Siberia – The Yeti Is Alive and Well

Fisherman, Vitaly Vershinin, shows the location he observed the Yeti from his boat on the Mras-Su River.

A spate of recent Bigfoot sightings within the last few years in the Kemerovo region of Russia highlights the apparently thriving Yeti community living in the remote parts of the country.  Experts believe there are around 30 of the creatures living across this remote area of Siberia. The first report came from the fishing village of Myski, in August 2012, …

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The Fouke Monster and The Legend of Boggy Creek

Fouke Monster Sighting

The Fouke Monster, also known as the Southern Sasquatch, is a bigfoot-type cryptid reported to have existed around the town of Fouke, Arizona in the 1970s. Often referred to as the Legend of Boggy Creek, the initial sightings occurred in the Boggy Creek and Jonesville areas in the 1940s where it destroyed livestock. Later sightings, which include a reported attack …

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Are Cryptids Kidnappers? Evidence of Sasquatch Abductions Points to Yes

Native American Cave Painting With Abnormal Hand Prints

Today, people commonly conceptualize monsters as characters from the most recent horror movie and the only thing they know about the natural existence of these creatures is based on what’s been characterized in pop culture literature. To be fair, it is true the ethology of these creatures is largely unverified beyond unexplained deaths, missing persons and half-eaten live stock but a pervasive bias to continually view …

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