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The Modern Mortal’s Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Silver Bullet Quickly

By far, the Deft Clay Process was the easiest, quickest and cheapest method I could find which produced a decent silver bullet that I would be willing to load and use in the case of a full moon emergency.

Let me guess, ever since you saw Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, you’ve been fascinated by the scene where the gunsmith melted down the girl’s necklace and cast a single silver bullet. A bullet that would faithfully find its mark;  saving them from “Reverand Werewolf”. Now you want to make your own? If so, then guide’s for you. I tried to keep …

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Flipping the Script: The Hunters Become The Hunted

The world’s a very dangerous place, especially for those unfamiliar with the terrors that possibly await as we venture forth from the safety of our homes. It’s every parent’s duty to warn their children of the creepers, stalkers, and downright unsavory people walking amongst us every day. However, the awareness of this danger shouldn’t be limited to naive children, but …

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New Guinea Cannibals A Cover For Werewolves?

New Guinea, one of the largest islands in the world, is home to many tribes considered “uncivilized” compared to our modern ways of living. Carving out their existence from the land by the sweat of their brows; these primitive peoples work tirelessly to sustain food and shelter. In the ways of war and territorial aggression, they’re not much different than …

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New Werewolf Movie Offers Horror Fans a ‘Howl’ of a Good Ride

Ah, werewolf movies. Personally love the gratuitous exploitation of the lunar challenged but it’s damn hard to find good ones. Speaking of which, when’s the last time you’ve seen a decently terrifying flick about a lycan grace the big screen? American Werewolf in London? The Howling? Perhaps the Underworld franchise? The Wolfman? Off the silver screen there’ve been quite a …

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Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 9)

One glass of wine turned into half a dozen and we were lit. I couldn't resist any longer. I melted in her kiss, and it was over.

Dear Sarah,  Well, my bliss was short-lived and, just as I should have known, my blind happiness was a bit dangerous too. I let my guard down. I was in such a great mood and the world, and everything in it looked perfect. I didn’t think anything at all could bring me down, and that was my undoing. I was …

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Alabama Man Puts A Bullet In A Werewolf

Man puts a bullet in a werewolf.

Hunting and fishing – two favorite activities shared by millions the world over. While some people pursue these pleasures for the sport, others take part as a means of survival. Deep in the heart of Alabama, hunting, fishing and farming are an inseparable means of cutting one’s survival out of the land using his or her own hands. Families pass …

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Journal Entry No. 8

The most relaxing and calm part of my day, as far as Shelly’s concerned, is that I’m no longer obsessed or admittedly worried about her quirkiness. A minor issue compared to everything happening now. Thought I’d never say this, but part of me wants to go back to the way it was before when it was just the two of …

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