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Werewolves Of The Witches Castle

Now it would seem witches weren’t the only supernatural creatures to walk its halls; the werewolves of the Witches Castle apparently also called it home.

Moosham Castle, located just outside of Salzburg, is one of the most haunted spots in Austria and high on the list of the spookiest places in the whole of Europe.  The castle itself dates back to 1191 and is famous for its dark and bloody history when it was used during the Salzburg Witch Trials to sentence countless poor and …

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The Rougarou: I Like My Werewolves Cajun Style

Known locally by their Cajun name, rougarou, these large and terrifying creatures make their home in the swampland around Acadiana and New Orleans.

French supermodels may be the latest on a list of endangered species fleeing France for the US, but they definitely aren’t the first. A little over 250 years ago, another group appears to have been chased away to the safer shores of the US – the loup garou. Werewolf, for those unfamiliar with the French term, sightings of these shapeshifters …

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Lycans in Staffordshire: The Cannock Chase Werewolf

The first noted sighting of the Cannock Chase werewolf dates back to 1975, when a paranormal group investigated a series of sightings of a ‘snarling beast’.

When it comes to places traditionally associated with werewolves, Staffordshire in England doesn’t make the top 10 list; let alone the top 100.  Yet it seems there’s a tradition of werewolf encounters in the county, centered around one spot – Cannock Chase.  So what’s going on in this quiet, rural English spot? Cannock Chase isn’t a village or a town …

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The Order: 1886 – Tesla & Knights of The Round Table Battle Werewolves

Only a few worthy titles have explored the world of werewolves and these beasts are finally getting attention in the PlayStation 4 title "The Order: 1886".

Horror video games are a dime a dozen which makes it odd only a few worthy titles have explored the world of werewolves. Fortunately, these beasts are finally getting more attention in the PlayStation 4 title “The Order: 1886“. The treat of seeing werewolves run a muck in a video game is exciting enough for horror fans, but the developers, Ready At Dawn, took …

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The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA

Review: The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA

Linda S. Godfrey, the author of werewolf books The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf and Hunting the American Werewolf throws us a bone in her third book in the series, The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA. And what a juicy bone it is! This latest offering is based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts — some funny and …

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Man Captures Picture Of A Werewolf In West Viriginia

In what appears to be a picture of a werewolf, it's believed this creature is responsible for a rash of bear mutilations over the last several years.

The mountainous wilderness of “By-God” West Virginia has long been rumored to be the home of werewolves. Native American tribes that lived along the Appalachian Mountain trails centuries ago told stories of beasts of great size, with snarling jaws and razor sharp claws, which would rip apart anyone foolhardy enough to get too close. However, the origin of these creatures …

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The Beast of Gevaudan: Werewolves Kill Five Dozen

Between 1764 and 1767, the province of Gevaudan in the Haute-Loire, France, was terrorized by a mysterious creature simply known today as the Beast of Gevaudan.

Perhaps one of the oldest and best documented cases of suspected wide spread werewolf attacks occurred exactly 250 years ago. Between 1764 and 1767, the province of Gevaudan in the Haute-Loire, France, was terrorized by a mysterious creature simply known today as the Beast of Gevaudan. Although the identity of this mysterious creature remains a mystery, at least 60 known …

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Werewolves? Murders Suggest Real Shapeshifters In Croatia

No one wants to publicly say it wasn't a pack of wolves but instead a blood thirsty pack of cryptid shapeshifters, werewolves, committing the murders.

In February of 2010 a rash of grizzly attacks took place in the towns of Lika, Banija, Kordun and Dalmatia (Croatia), which not only targeted livestock, but humans as well. The prevailing theory rationalized that a wolf population in those areas had skyrocketed and the animals were simply looking for a means to survive. That’s the official statement but is …

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An American Werewolf In … America – The Beast Of Bray Road

An American Werewolf In...America - The Beast of Bray Road

An American Werewolf in…America? Evil fictional werewolves are barking at the moon in the films, “An American Werewolf in London,” and “An American Werewolf in Paris,” but did you know many people believe one is roaming the wilds in real life in the northeastern parts of America? There have been sightings by people who lived to tell the tale of the …

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Journal Entry – May 8th

I gave her a quick kiss and she smiled. I love when she does that.

Journal Entry – May 8th Well, another week has gone by and I still haven’t mustered up the courage to confront Shelly. I just don’t know what my problem is. I get my mind set to tell her, and then my stomach knots up, and I can feel my heart pounding in the side of my head. It’s almost like …

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