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Dear Sarah – May 8th

It almost seemed like he wanted to do or say something but never quite gets up the nerve...OH GOD! I just realized what this has to be about. He wants to have sex!

Dear Sarah, Wow! Has it ever been a stressful week!  I was resolved to tell Brendan. I had it all planned out and everything.  I was going to…but then I didn’t.  I couldn’t.  It just wasn’t the right time.  He has been under a lot of stress lately, what with the big test he forgot study for.  I could taste …

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Hiker’s Body Found – Werewolves Hunting in Mt. Rainier?

Werewolves may be behind a group of six hikers gone missing while trying to reach the summit on Mt. Rainier; disappearing without a trace and presumed dead.

A 70 year old woman went missing a little more than a month ago (June 2014) in Mt. Rainier National Park. Karen Sykes, an outdoor journalist, was out on a hike with a friend when they decided to split up due to some concerns about hiking on the snow covered terrain; some of which was melting and causing a blockage …

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The Werewolf Killer

The killer had been nicknamed the Werewolf Killer by the press because he only killed families on nights the moon was full.

Gerald Burns was a criminal profiler and had been called in by the police chief to look at a crime scene. Just like countless times before, he drove to the residence, parked his car and headed to the house to look at the murders. He got to the front door and was pushed aside by one of the cops who ran past him to puke by …

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Werewolf Filmed in Brazilian Backyard

Werewolf in Brazilian backyard

News outlets including the Huffington Post are carrying a video of a werewolf filmed in a Brazilian backyard that has frightened the locals so much that the authorities had imposed a curfew. The video was taken in the town of Sao Goncalo de Campos and shows a backyard with trees and a rope swing.  From the left of the screen, …

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Cryptopoints Manager Promotes the Use of Cryptidcurrency by Vampires, Zombies & Werewolves

Lycancoin werewolf attacking screen

In the interest of furthering the study of teratoeconomics and the cryptid world, Monstrum Athenaeum is currently testing a new cryptidcurrency application named Cryptopoints Manager. Developed by Cryptidcurrency.org, Cryptopoints Manager is a ranking system where you can earn points on Monstrum Athenaeum by regularly logging in, leaving article comments and sharing stories you like on social media. By increasing your points, you will attain new ranking orders. Based …

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More Skinwalker Stories Suggest Werewolf Activity In New Mexico

Images of a skinwalker courtesy of http://youtu.be/G2GzTQ3puwQ

Photographs emerged on Facebook earlier this year of a strange cryptid-like creature sighted near Lybrook and Counselor in New Mexico, not far from the Jicarilla Native American reservation.  The creature has been labelled a skinwalker by those who have studied it, but what is a skinwalker? According to legend, a skinwalker is a person who has the ability to shapeshift into an …

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Wessex Way Werewolf Caught On Tape

Wessex Way Werewolf

Real paranormal videos are extremely difficult to come by but as luck would have it, traffic surveillance cameras on the A338 Wessex Way road in Bournemouth, Dorset, England have caught images of what appears to be the legendary Wessex Way Werewolf crossing the northbound side of the road.  The video, available on YouTube, dates from 2007 but was only uploaded …

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A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack

I don’t know if it was out of pity or having a captive audience but the hostel owner shared his advice on how to survive a werewolf attack.

A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack In my younger years, my friends and I visited Romania for a while. We had saved up our cash and went backpacking all over Europe for a while. You know what we found out after we got there? That place still has werewolves – at least that’s what they all …

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Top 10 Horror Movies That Could Actually Be Based on Reality

Top 10 Horror Movies

The world is full of horror movies that get the old’ brain thinking, “Could this really happen?” Well, chances are if you think it could be based on reality then it probably holds some water. From Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the Werewolf of London, to Zombieland, these ideas were based on older legends, but with a modern twist. Well, modern …

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The Shelby County Werewolf Legends

Werewolf legends, Image of Shelby County Farm

In Shelby County, Kentucky, livestock such as goats and calves are being attacked by an animal that remains shrouded in mystery. What’s so strange about it is these animals are not being eaten at all by the creature. The fact that they merely are being attacked is what has many people on edge, because if it were a mountain lion …

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