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Werewolf Legends of Kentucky

Suspected werewolf print.

Residents of rural Kentucky have long known werewolves lurk in the dark, in the brush, just out of sight. Like all great traditions, the werewolf legends of Kentucky have been passed by word of mouth and told to anyone who will listen. It seems like every native Kentuckian has either seen one or knows someone who has. These stories are shared …

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A Different Breed of Werewolf

Werewolf Cabin in the woods.

“Do you have it?” he said to the dealer who brought him his merchandise. “I do,” replied the dealer and he produced the package and gave it to the man. The man’s name was Stewart Burkhart, and he was a self-made millionaire. He had been hunting for one particular piece of merchandise, and now he had it in his hands. …

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Swamp Mamma’s Revenge

Swamp Mamma's Revenge

Bey was very special, and his mother loved him very much. Some even said his mother was a little too overprotective at times. They both lived in the Louisiana Bayou, right smack dab in the middle of the swamps. There’s gators and Burmese pythons that can swallow a feller whole there, but they never bothered Bey and his mom. They …

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Manuel Blanco Romasanta, A Serial Killer or Werewolf?

Romasant transformed into a werewolf.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta is said to be the first serial killer in Spain documented as having admitted to thirteen counts of murder. What makes Romasanta a topic of discussion around cryptid circles is not what he did but how he did it. Romasanta maintained he was not responsible for the murders because he was under a malevolent curse that turned him into a …

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Did Rare Himalayan Werewolves Attack and Authorities Cover It Up?

Himalayan avalanche used to cover up werewolves.

Don’t let the LA Times article mislead you into accepting the deaths of these poor individuals was the result of a simple avalanche – there may be another explanation.  While the avalanche on Mount Everest may appear to be a tragic accident, there’s the possibility it was the result of a hurried cover up by local officials caught unaware. Officials of the Nepal …

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The Adlet – Greenland Werewolves

If the tales told by the Inuits are true, there exists a secret race of cryptids in Greenland with humanoid bodies and wolf-like legs called the Adlet (or Erqigdlet). The first recorded stories of the Adlet came from the ethnologist Franz Boas who heard legends of their existence while visiting Cumberland Sound from an Inuit named Pakaq. The story was published in …

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