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Was Bigfoot Found in New Hampshire? Find Out on Jan 17

The popular Animal Plant program “Finding Bigfoot” spent some time last year exploring New Hampshire in search of the cryptid, and the creative team is finally ready to tell the world what they found. It remains to be seen if the show will air any concrete evidence of Bigfoot roaming through the Granite State, but people worldwide will certainly tune …

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Researchers Renew Interest In An Old Bigfoot Theory

Sceptics often point to the lack of a physical corpse as proof Bigfoot is nothing more than a culturally popular hoax. Now one researcher speaking at the Greater New England UFO Conference has given an interesting explanation into why he thinks Bigfoot bodies never turn up. William Hill is a researcher who primarily works with the study of UFOs and …

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Finding Bigfoot Easier Than We Think – Ohio Man Tracks Bigfoot to Camp

He had no problems finding Bigfoot and had observed the creatures nine different times.

An Ohio man who claims to have had numerous encounters with a Bigfoot cryptid in Scioto County, Ohio, also said he has seen the camp the creatures call home.  In addition, he discovered what he believed to be a burial ground where the creatures buried their dead in much the same way we do. The man, Dallas Gilbert, star of …

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