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Dead Mermaid Body Photographed In Great Yarmouth

Dismissed today as fantastic legends spun by drunken sailors, mermaids, with maybe the exception of the Kraken, are the most famous aquatic cryptids. However, the purely legendary status of these creatures is, once again, called into question now that new footage shows a dead and decaying “mermaid body” washed up on the beach in Great Yarmouth in England. The footage …

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Are Mermaids Real? The Story of The Fisherman and The Siren

Mermaid in the setting sun.

Are mermaids real? The story of the fisherman and the siren. It was back in the old times when there were still sea monsters in the ocean that there lived a simple man earning his keep as a net fisherman by the name of Angus Hanson. Angus was a strong, handsome man who lost his wife and child during childbirth. The baby …

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