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John Crutchley: The Vampire Rapist

Although there’ve been many men dubbed by the media “vampire rapist”, John Crutchley comes by his moniker quite literally. Crutchley was convicted of the 1985 abduction of a hitchhiker, of whom he held captive and siphoned her blood with a hypodermic needle and a rubber tube. He used the device like a straw; sucking the blood from women in vampiric …

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The Lesbian Vampire Killer

Brisbane, Australia, 1989 After a long night of drinking, Edward Baldock decided to walk home. As he staggered back to his residence, the 47-year-old man was accosted by four women, who lured him into their vehicle with promises of sexual favors. They drove him to a nearby riverside park, where Tracy Wigginton stabbed him 27 times in a ritualistic blood …

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Vampire Gigolo: The Ugly Side Of Undead Prostitution

"Vampire Gigolo" Chartres-Abbott told police he'd confided in the woman that he was a 200-year-old vampire who needed to drink the blood of women to stay young.

In 2002, a 30-year-old Thai woman acquired the services of a gentleman for the evening, with desires of a sexual encounter. They went to the Hotel Saville, located in Victoria, NSW, Australia, where the encounter turned strange. The gigolo, whose name was Shane Chartres-Abbott, proceeded to have sex with the woman but became violent during the encounter. Later, Chartres-Abbott told …

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