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Top Journal Publishes Guide to Zombies

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is synonymous with the latest medical breakthroughs being discussed by top experts in the field of medicine, including cancer research. So it’s a surprise to discover they published a guide to zombies in their Christmas addition. Entitled ‘Zombie infections; epidemiology, treatment and prevention’ the guide was apparently (as they put it) part of their annual …

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Could Weaponized Ebola Be Used to Create a Zombie Apocalypse?

According to Vladimir Nikiforov from the Department of Infectious Diseases in Russia, there's already a chance Ebola could be weaponized in the form of an aerosol spray.

As if the outbreak of Ebola that spread like wildfire across Africa earlier this year wasn’t horrible enough, some scientists are now saying if the virus becomes airborne, it could be responsible for a zombie apocalypse scenario straight from television. The only good news of sorts is the scientific community believes Ebola won’t mutate into an airborne pathogen naturally. All …

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The Adopting Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3.5

Submitted by Corodon Fuller Let’s pick up where we left off in The Denying Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 3.0. All the way in Season 5, in Alexandria, Deanna hears about the terrible things Rick has done to protect his family of survivors (adopted and otherwise). She shrugs, “Sounds like I want to be part of your family.” But who …

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Has What Could Become a Real Zombie Virus Reached America?

Ebola could become a real zombie virus.

Update: The CDC is now reporting a suspected case of Ebola in Northern California and is advising hospitals in the state to take screening precautions; especially in Southern California where there’s a large immigrant population with inadequate healthcare resources. The story of the Ebola virus continues to develop in troubling ways. Two Americans who were assisting with the crisis in …

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