• The Librarian

    The Librarian

    What are cryptids? In matters of the monstrum, a species capable of assuming the form of a humanoid or animal, naturally preying on humans; mimicking moral and social behavior as not to be discovered. Perhaps a doctor, butcher or school principle; these creatures masquerade as persons while seeking out human game for food and sport.
  • Argus


    I am of no mood to entertain you with the privacy of my person and even if I were, you would call me mad. All you need to know is they exist - all of them - those monsters and demons of legend do lurk about with sinister intention. I will find them and expose them; then we'll see who is mad.
  • Meekdale


    My name is Thomas Gilchrist Meekdale, and I've devoted my life to studying cryptid cultures of the monstrum variety including their teratoeconomics. I specialize in three distinct types of cryptids - werewolves, vampires and zombies. I would like to welcome you to Monstrum Athenaeum. I hope that soon this site will become an exciting source for news and insight about these creatures.

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