Lycancoin, Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin are the world's first cryptidcurrency.
Lycancoin, Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin claims to be the world's first set of cryptidcurrency.

Lycancoin, Zombiecoin and Vampirecoin – Cryptid Currency or A Lesson In Cryptanthropy?

In my studies of teratoeconomics I’ve never encountered a currency designed by humans for cryptid usage – that is until now.

Quite accidentally, a couple of months ago, I learned of the existence of three crytpocurrencies named Lycancoin, Zombiecoin and Vampirecoin which were created by an unknown developer who simply goes by the name Vampirecoin on blogs and forums. I contacted Vampirecoin to find out more about these cryptocurrencies and learned they were developed specifically to appeal to persons who fancied themselves cryptanthropes and fans of the monstrum. While he didn’t preculde the possibility of their existence, Vampirecoin believed the existence of cryptids probably ended with clinical cryptanthropy – that is until he met me.

It’s hard to tell where clinical cryptanthropy ends and the monstum begins. Their existence has been kept a secret for so long in part by their exploitation of our enduring ability to doubt our eyes and choose explanations which comfort us the most. I posed a simple question – how do you know those who use your creation are not cryptids? In the conversation that followed, we both had an epiphany – a change in perspective.

As I went on to explain and articulate the facts and details of various cryptocultures I realized this was the first time I had shared my knowledge of the monstrum with another person in volume and with deliberation. I quickly realized a change in his demeanor as the enormity of facts and gravity of their implications took root in his mind. That is when I knew my new purpose – I must share the truth with all who would listen. Shortly after, I convened with my colleagues and acquaintances and Monstrum Athenaeum was born.

Vampirecoin realized the actual roles Lycancoin, Zombiecoin and Vampirecoin were playing extended beyond cryptanthropy and virtual numismatists, providing a unique opportunity to create a common intersection to study and discuss the unique perspectives on the history, cultures and economic forces behind cryptid cultures and currencies. We agreed to work together on this specific endeavor and properly define the three cryptocurrencies as cryptidcurrency.

Lycancoin, Zombiecoin and Vampirecoin are the first virtual cryptidcurrencies intended for teratoeconomic usage by the monstrum.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that cryptids are attracted to all things about them. Similar to an arsonist who returns to the scene of the fire he started just to watch it burn, cryptids love the vicarious attention created by any media attention. Let’s find out if this allurement is more than they can resist.

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