The Shelby County Werewolf Legends

In Shelby County, Kentucky, livestock such as goats and calves are being attacked by an animal that remains shrouded in mystery. What’s so strange about it is these animals are not being eaten at all by the creature. The fact that they merely are being attacked is what has many people on edge, because if it were a mountain lion or some animal that has escaped from a local zoo or wildlife center, it likely would have killed and eaten the livestock. Another strange thing is that the attacks mainly happened during the night.

The first instance was when a farmer in the area was alerted to the scene of an attack by his dogs. When he showed up, one of his goats was laying on the ground. It lost one ear due to this attack, and part of its other ear. He later found that three of his bulls had their ears chewed up, as well as being covered in blood. There are other farmers in the general area who have come forward since then with reports of their animals being injured after such occurrences. One particular farmer had to put down five goats after something like this happened to them, only more severe.

Although there were no eye witnesses, a woman was walking with her daughter, when she heard a loud sound behind them that was frightening, because they could not identify what it was they were hearing. At this point, the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department got involved with this matter to determine what could be attacking the livestock and terrorizing the area.
However, the fact that no one had any definitive answers as to what exactly it was that was going on was quite worrisome to the locals. No one liked to live with the fear of an unknown creature, large and vicious enough to seriously harm the livestock around the county.

Similar stories are the stuff of legends all around the state and so it is no wonder that many of the residents of Shelby County were saying that it could be a werewolf, perhaps one with some sort of disability that made it too weak to kill. The fear was that it was just too young, which meant that it would inevitably grow.

Locals were more than a little upset when they brought these fears to the authorities and were practically laughed out of the room. Is it possible that there could have been a cover-up going on in regards to werewolves in Kentucky? Could some of the local officials or certain individuals actually have had real proof of the werewolves’ existence? If they did, there are plenty of reasons why they would have kept it a secret. If the citizens and tourists thought werewolves were real, the reactions would be extreme, to say the least.

The facts of the attacks are garbled and the witnesses are scared. Loud, brutal attacks that happened only at night point to something supernatural – A werewolf only makes sense.

As discussed here, werewolf legends are par for the course in Kentucky.

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