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Hunter Hesitates To Shoot The Bray Road Beast

The next thing he recalls is Bray Road Beast made a twelve foot leap across a nearby ditch, before disappearing into the woods, and from his view.

The farmlands of southern Wisconsin may seem like an ideal place to live and raise a family with rolling hills and woody outcrops surrounding dairy farms and small towns. However, there’s a dark legend looming over the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin and its neighboring townships. A creature rumored to be half man and half wolf (a werewolf) has been roaming the …

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Werewolves? Murders Suggest Real Shapeshifters In Croatia

No one wants to publicly say it wasn't a pack of wolves but instead a blood thirsty pack of cryptid shapeshifters, werewolves, committing the murders.

In February of 2010 a rash of grizzly attacks took place in the towns of Lika, Banija, Kordun and Dalmatia (Croatia), which not only targeted livestock, but humans as well. The prevailing theory rationalized that a wolf population in those areas had skyrocketed and the animals were simply looking for a means to survive. That’s the official statement but is …

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An American Werewolf In … America – The Beast Of Bray Road

An American Werewolf In...America - The Beast of Bray Road

An American Werewolf in…America? Evil fictional werewolves are barking at the moon in the films, “An American Werewolf in London,” and “An American Werewolf in Paris,” but did you know many people believe one is roaming the wilds in real life in the northeastern parts of America? There have been sightings by people who lived to tell the tale of the …

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