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Explorers Discover Weird Orange Cave Crocodiles

The usual, skeptical argument that Bigfoot doesn’t exist for lack of a verifiable specimen received another blow with the discovery of a new species of little crocodiles. It turns out our planet still has many hidden secrets. The new species of orange Dwarf Crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis) were first discovered in 2011 living in caves in the rainforests of Gabon – …

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Footage Of Five-Foot Crocodile Shocks London Locals

Strange things have been spotted on and in the River Thames, but a crocodile isn’t usually one of them. That’s why we’re a bit skeptical of new footage showing a crocodile leisurely sunbathing on rocks by the Milwall Outer Docks in the Isle of Dogs area of London. A local fellow named “Ben” captured the footage with some mates while …

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