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Naked Werewolf Man Attacks Drivers in Czech Republic

You’d expect survivors of a werewolf encounter to describe an assailant covered in fur, with big teeth and long claws. Appearance aside, their stories would emphasise the creature’s supernatural strength, resistance to pain and uncontrollable, animalistic behaviour. In the case of a man who attacked people on the streets in the Czech Republic, he clearly didn’t look the part but …

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Killer Blames Murder On His Werewolf Father

When finally apprehended, Woodhead told the cops that he believed his father is a werewolf.

On January 5, 2014, a man named Easton Woodhead apparently stabbed a homeless man to death near the Melbourne Aquarium in a dispute concerning a stolen motorcycle. Fleeing the scene, he tossed away his knife and tried to hide from the police. When finally apprehended, he told the cops that he believed his father is a werewolf. As he described …

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Top 10 Horror Movies That Could Actually Be Based on Reality

Top 10 Horror Movies

The world is full of horror movies that get the old’ brain thinking, “Could this really happen?” Well, chances are if you think it could be based on reality then it probably holds some water. From Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the Werewolf of London, to Zombieland, these ideas were based on older legends, but with a modern twist. Well, modern …

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Manuel Blanco Romasanta, A Serial Killer or Werewolf?

Romasant transformed into a werewolf.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta is said to be the first serial killer in Spain documented as having admitted to thirteen counts of murder. What makes Romasanta a topic of discussion around cryptid circles is not what he did but how he did it. Romasanta maintained he was not responsible for the murders because he was under a malevolent curse that turned him into a …

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