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Is the Mothman Vacationing in Argentina?

Firefighter Carlos Sanchez and an unnamed police officer reportedly had an encounter with the Mothman, verifying the cryptid is currently enjoying some time outside the States.

Various countries and cultures are more frequently reporting sightings of cryptids similar to the Mothman. A creature that, up until now, was commonly encountered in the U.S., especially in the West Virginia region. This fact makes recent news out of Argentina even more fascinating for cryptid enthusiasts. According to media reports, which all seem to stem from the YouTube video …

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The Mothman Prophecies Are Based On A True Story

Are the Mothman prophecies real? Was it there to warn the people of Point Pleasant of an unavoidable event, or was the Mothman there to cause the event?

For centuries people have reported seeing huge, bird-like creatures in populated areas around the world. Native Americans have the Thunderbird, which is called different things according to each individual dialect. Across the ocean, the Chinese have the Garuda. Other cultures spread across the globe have their versions of this creature, whom pop culture has dubbed “The Mothman”. In recent years, …

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