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Did Google Earth Inadvertently Capture Kraken Footage?

Google Earth is an awesome tool for checking out the world from high above. On occasion, though, strange images pop up leaving us scratching our heads, speculating as to what the mystery could be. Case in point, a curious picture was taken near Antarctica that has many claiming proof ‘sea monsters’ exist. The staff at UFO Sighting Daily reviewed the …

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Unknown Sea Creature Spotted in River Thames

If I said I want to show you a picture of a dark coloured unknown sea creature with humps rising above the water’s surface, you’d probably think I was talking about the Loch Ness Monster. But the latest images of a “sea monster” come from somewhere far more populated – the River Thames in the centre of London. Pictures first …

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Recent Sighting of the Lake Champlain Monster

Are lake monsters around the world such as the Loch Ness Monster leftovers from the dinosaur age?  A recent sighting of the Lake Champlain Monster reported to Cryptozoologynews.com seems to indicate yes. The sighting by two women in their seventies took place on Lake Champlain in Vermont. The pair were jet boating opposite Charlotte when they spotted something in the water …

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The Ogopogo: A Lake Cryptid You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

While not as famous as its Scottish cousin, sightings of the Ogopogo are well documented with over 200 credible reports, including some from a sea captain, a priest, and multiple police officers.

When considering the topic of mysterious creatures that dwell in lakes, the most famous case of Loch Ness and its ‘monster’ probably comes to mind. Nessie is far from the only one of her kind, though, and one example from British Columbia is a creature known as the Ogopogo. References and written records to this strange, large creature living in …

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