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Telepathic Dogmen (Werewolves) Stalk Man In Pennsylvania

For sure, Pennsylvania is known for the weird and strange, but this latest eye-witness report serves up a tale with a different flavor. This time one of our favorite werewolves, the dogman, has learned a new trick – telepathy. The witness, named Zay, grew up hearing dogmen stories and recalls finding tracks in the mud around the forests of his …

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Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How To Become A Werewolf


Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by monsters and cryptids. But of all the creepy crawlers out there, none has enthralled me quite like werewolves. In fact, as a young child, every night I used to wish that I could figure out how to become a werewolf. As an adult, the longing never went away; despite my parents insistence that I …

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Werewolves? Murders Suggest Real Shapeshifters In Croatia

No one wants to publicly say it wasn't a pack of wolves but instead a blood thirsty pack of cryptid shapeshifters, werewolves, committing the murders.

In February of 2010 a rash of grizzly attacks took place in the towns of Lika, Banija, Kordun and Dalmatia (Croatia), which not only targeted livestock, but humans as well. The prevailing theory rationalized that a wolf population in those areas had skyrocketed and the animals were simply looking for a means to survive. That’s the official statement but is …

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