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Fourteen Gifts For Your Vampire Lover

We've compiled a list of fourteen gifts for your vampire lover with suggestions ranging from the tame to the deliciously terrifying.

Vampire enthusiast or perhaps dating a vampire? I feel your pain – literally. Here’s an all too familiar dilemma, you’re searching for something unique for that special, pale darling in your life. Another cosplay makeup kit or director’s cut box set about glittery neck bitters would certainly earn you a night on the couch – or worse. No worries, you’re …

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The Modern Mortal’s Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Silver Bullet Quickly

By far, the Deft Clay Process was the easiest, quickest and cheapest method I could find which produced a decent silver bullet that I would be willing to load and use in the case of a full moon emergency.

Let me guess, ever since you saw Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, you’ve been fascinated by the scene where the gunsmith melted down the girl’s necklace and cast a single silver bullet. A bullet that would faithfully find its mark;  saving them from “Reverand Werewolf”. Now you want to make your own? If so, then guide’s for you. I tried to keep …

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