We've compiled a list of fourteen gifts for your vampire lover with suggestions ranging from the tame to the deliciously terrifying.
We've compiled a list of fourteen gifts for your vampire lover with suggestions ranging from the tame to the deliciously terrifying.

Fourteen Gifts For Your Vampire Lover

Vampire enthusiast or perhaps dating a vampire? I feel your pain – literally.

Here’s an all too familiar dilemma, you’re searching for something unique for that special, pale darling in your life. Another cosplay makeup kit or director’s cut box set about glittery neck bitters would certainly earn you a night on the couch – or worse.

No worries, you’re in luck. To help you choose the best gift for that vampire lover in your life, we’ve compiled a list of fourteen gifts for your vampire lover with suggestions ranging from the tame to the deliciously terrifying. There’s bound to be something on this list to get you some snuggle time.


Supernatural Backpack
One of the latest Hot Topic trends is a series of backpacks inspired by the “Supernatural” television show. Vampires may not be the central theme of “Supernatural,” but they certainly had their place. These bags are reliable choices for enthusiasts of bloodsucking cryptids, even if they’ve never watched an episode. Several versions are available, including the highly rated Supernatural Runes Slouch Backpack.

hot topic supernatural backpack

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Prop Necklace
Get a “Twilight” fan a gift showcasing their love for the series. The Twilight Alice Prop Necklace contains images and characters from “Breaking Dawn.” It’s finished with an antiqued appearance, perfect for roleplaying as a centuries old vampire stalking the earth. Be warned, this item is popular and sells quickly. If you can find it, snatch it up.

Twilight Alice Prop Necklace

Custom Vampire Shirts & Clothing
Cafepress and several other similar websites design custom t-shirts, mugs and much more. In other words, if you are buying a casual gift for someone who’s a big fan of the character Emmett from Twilight, don’t be deterred by the minimal amount of relevant items available at major e-commerce stores. Customize what your want. If the person in question is not interested in “Twilight,” you can choose from more than 44,000 other custom vampire products.

Daylight Ring
If your vampire BFF is eyeing those daylight rings worn by “The Vampire Diaries” characters, you can pick up a nicely done replica. A wise choice for someone who enjoys wearing unique jewelry. Cosplayers can accessorize their outfit with Elena’s daylight ring or Damon’s Signet ring. Thoughtful gifts for anyone closely following “The Vampire Diaries.” If you’re looking for some double-daylight protection then you might consider vampire spells that work during the day.

Elena’s daylight ring

Vampire Wine
Vampire Vineyards produces wide varieties of vampire-themed wines. If your vampire lover is a wine drinker and a stickler for details, you may want to consider starting them off with the Vampire Vineyards Blood Red Mixed Pack. This pack features the 2012 Vampire Pinot Noir, the 2012 Vampire Merlot, and the 2012 Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon. These dry wines come in appropriately Gothic decorated bottles, perfect for the wine rack.

Retractable Fangs
Lover jealous of your fangs? Surprise them with a set of their own because, after all, what good’s a vampire without fangs? Don’t worry if they work the midnight shift and having extended fangs during a team meeting might be a little awkward. Perhaps even career limiting. A couple of manufacturers thought through this dilemma and came to the rescue! The Scarecrow Retractable Fangs give the wearer the ability to emulate the effect of having fangs retract and grow in their mouth.

Supernatural Collector’s Edition Clue Board Game
Supernatural Backpacks – check! Day trip to the mall covered! Need a more personal gift the two of you can share in your jammies? The Supernatural Collector’s Edition Clue Board Game may be just what you need. That and the wine, just trust me. In any event, this version of the popular Clue game’s themed after the “Supernatural” series. Players visit key locations from the show’s history. Another great Supernatural gift for a vampire enthusiast counting the show amongst their list of favorites.

Vampire/Werewolf Fangs Ring
I’m pretty sure Vampires don’t enjoy tangling with werewolves unless it’s mutually consensual.  Fortunately, your sweetie doesn’t have to choose between their love of werewolves or vampires thanks to the Vampire Werewolf Fangs Biker Ring. As an aside, if the ring wearer’s faced with the proverbial question of “how do you kill a werewolf,” they can take advantage of the fact this nicely designed piece of jewelry is fashioned from a werewolf’s Achilles’ heal: silver. Just swing for the head, not the ankle.

Vampire Werewolf Fangs

Werewolf Skin Rug
Straight off, you’re going to need silver bullets and a compliant werewolf – if you can find one. Obviously, the former will be much easier to manage than the later. And to be honest, a silver bullet is still a great, unique gift you can make following our guide. Understandably, it’s possible you don’t own a bullet press, or your lover doesn’t own a firearm. However, the bullet still polishes up nicely, and a jewelry store could attach a chain for a small fee. Voila, a silver bullet necklace, straight from your heart. Think of it as werewolf deterrent. If you’re still determined to get that rug, then you might read our guide to surviving a werewolf attack.


Vampire Spellbook
If your vampire lover is a gamer, the choices are easy. Instant vampire spells or giftable immortality spells are favorites in roleplaying games (RPG). It’s all a matter of finding the right game. For example, ultimate vampire transformation spells are available in the Skyrim extension The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The game features a character modification known as the Vampire Lord and comes complete with a spellbook that’s useful in many ways.

For real vampire spells that work, you’ll have to do some exploring much further than visiting Amazon. Old occult bookstores are by far your best bet at digging up one of these historical relics. As we’ve mentioned before, messing with magic is not for the faint of heart.

Grimoire book with candles and magic papers

Edible Fake Blood
Let me guess, the vampire lover in your life wants to drink real blood but is having trouble finding a Kosher brand? No? Well, in any case, your vampire lover might enjoy roleplaying as a bloodsucker before taking the plunge to the real deal. If so, you’ll be thrilled to know you can pick up a bottle of Kiseng Fake Edible Blood. This product’s made to have the same look and consistency of blood. You belle can safely apply this fake blood to their teeth, around their mouth or wherever. Just so long as it’s not coming from you, who cares? Right?

Kiseng Fake Edible Blood

Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection
Classic Dracula! If you don’t have it, pick up the earliest screen appearance of the Count. “Nosferatu,” from the silent film era, is a must own piece of history. You might want to add Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection starring horror film legend Bela Lugosi as Dracula, along with six other films released by Universal Studios between 1931 and 1948. Did you hear they’re going to turn that into a new film franchise?

Vampire Slaying Kit
I get it. Maybe it’s time to break up with your undead partner and you’re looking for a not so subtle hint. Perhaps you’re less interested in bringing these cryptids to life with vampire spells, talismans and more in love with slaying them before they can make a quick meal out of you. Whatever the case may be, you can certainly find antique vampire slaying kits from the 1900s listed at auctions, but they typically sell for at least $4,000! I might recommend, to avoid paying such an exorbitant fee, you stick with a replica kit instead. Here’s a nice kit made by one of our readers, John Boutwell.


A Biography of the Man Who Was The First Vampire
Vlad Tepes, A.K.A Vlad the Impaler, A.K.A. Dracula, is the real life inspiration for much of Bram Stoker’s famous novel. If someone really wants to know more about vampire legends, go to the source material. “Dracula, Prince of Many Faces: His Life and Times” has been a highly regarded, bestselling book since its publication in 1990. You can easily find an extensive list of other biographies about this historical figure.

Whether you’re dating a vampire enthusiast, the real deal or desperately trying to get in the graces of one, we’re sure these fourteen gifts for your vampire lover will inspire you to choose wisely. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pick out something every vampire would be super excited to sink their teeth into!

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