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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, Finale – The Good and the Bad

Submitted by Corodon Fuller Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I will waste no time speculating on who Negan “killed” at the end of this season finale. The Walking Dead has teased the question of “Who will Negan kill when he shows up?” and jerked its audience around for more than a full season at this point. Now …

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Rewatching Dead: Season 6, February – Moving Up the Hierarchy of Needs

After The Walking Dead’s gory return this February we had two much-needed “breather” episodes. And as much as the audience needed a breather after a half season that managed to be both relentless and plodding, Rick and company have needed one even more. Now they’ve found time to plant crops, plan for babies, repair damaged relationships and build new ones—we’ve …

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, November Recap – Good Deaths and Bad Deaths

Submitted by Corodon Fuller To be perfectly honest, the last month of The Walking Dead has fallen well short of the show’s usual standards. Knowing that the writers plan to hit major plot points from the comics in the second half of this season, it feels like they’ve been killing time until then. They’ve also been killing characters, so now seems …

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, October Edition – Rick Grimes, the Man With the Plan

Well, Rick’s big plan to redirect a ginormous herd away from Alexandria (let’s call it “Operation Zillions of Zombies”) has gone spectacularly pear-shaped. Rick hasn’t been a “good guy” for at least a season, now. He’s embraced his own brutality. His conscience is 90% scar tissue. He’s lost his ability to trust, or relate to, anyone outside his core group …

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The Recovering Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 5.5

Submitted by Corodon Fuller We’re finally back to where The Walking Dead left off this past March. Can our survivors live as part of a sane society again, or have they been “out there” too long? The balance of power in Alexandria has swung in Rick’s favor, but is that a good thing, for them or for him? Season 5 left …

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The Returning Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 4

Submitted by Corodon Fuller The Walking Dead Season 4 is where the tension that’s been growing through the whole series really starts to ripen. With the walls and fences of the prison between them and the zombies, the survivors actually have time to think about the people they’ve become. They have a chance to build a stable society, but are they …

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