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Andrade – O Vampiro de Niteroi

Rio de Janeiro, images of pristine beaches, relaxation, and a bustling nightlife. However, just as anywhere else in the world, what would otherwise be the dream get away location isn’t immune to the darkness lurking around every corner. Marcelo Costa de Andrade became that darkness in 1991, as he culminated a life of sexual abuse and self-prostitution into a murderous …

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John Crutchley: The Vampire Rapist

Although there’ve been many men dubbed by the media “vampire rapist”, John Crutchley comes by his moniker quite literally. Crutchley was convicted of the 1985 abduction of a hitchhiker, of whom he held captive and siphoned her blood with a hypodermic needle and a rubber tube. He used the device like a straw; sucking the blood from women in vampiric …

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