Sasquatch Genome Project Claims To Have Indisputable Proof Bigfoot Exists

In the world of Sasquatch hunting, or Bigfoot for that matter, there are certainly more than a few people who believe the whole thing is a sham. These skeptics claim there’s no proof of this creature’s existence, such as a living specimen, the body of a deceased Sasquatch, or clear & credible video or photographic documentation. Recently, a group in Eastern Texas, known as the Sasquatch Genome Project, claims to have done the impossible by obtaining indisputable evidence of the existence of Sasquatch. The group also states they’ve spent approximately half a million of dollars on the research into the crypitd, with some reportedly astounding results.

The group’s lead researcher & investigator, Dr. Melba Ketchum, claims to have personally seen a group of five Sasquatch during a trip to Northeast Texas. The experience instantly changed her and she’s been a life-long believer ever since. Following her encounter, Dr. Ketchum has gone on to research reported hair samples of these mysterious and elusive beasts. Her findings have since shocked the Sasquatch hunting world. According to her work, the hair samples indicate these creatures have human DNA sequencing, essentially implying Sasquatch are the missing link, or at least, some type of human hybrid.

The hair sample, by which Dr. Ketchum reached her conclusion, came from a reportedely red-haired Sasquatch creature, which coincidentally was also captured quite clearly on video by researcher Adrian Erickson. In the video, the cryptid’s face seems to go through a range of expressions, perhaps corroborating Dr. Ketchum’s conclusion these creatures are closely related to our own species. In another video clip, which is more the classic, dark image variety, we can see the creature walking through the woods in Eastern Texas.

Dr. Ketchum believes the reason there has never been a body found, either living or dead, is because Sasquatch spend their lives in seclusion. She believes they are as intelligent as humans, but with the cunning of wild animals. She also says these creatures do not need to be put on some reservation or sanctuary, as they are living fine just as they are. She does, however, believe they need to be placed under protection as an endangered species. A notion bound to make the above mentioned naysayers laugh, as they don’t believe her evidence proves anything. In any event, the skepticism hasn’t kept her from pressing on in her fight to not only prove Sasquatch is real, but to bring an understanding of their world to the scientific community.

The evidence provided by the Sasquatch Genome Project, if authentic, may just be the missing piece needed to open the scientific community up to the real possibility these creatures are real. However, within that community there are the doubters and skeptics who won’t be happy until one of these legendary beasts is dead, on a slab in front of them. As Dr. Ketchum continues her struggle to bring understanding and protection to this secretive species, she hopes we will finally recognize not only the existence of Sasquatch, but also the sovereignty of a species on the brink of extinction.

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