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Did Rare Himalayan Werewolves Attack and Authorities Cover It Up?

Himalayan avalanche used to cover up werewolves.

Don’t let the LA Times article mislead you into accepting the deaths of these poor individuals was the result of a simple avalanche – there may be another explanation.  While the avalanche on Mount Everest may appear to be a tragic accident, there’s the possibility it was the result of a hurried cover up by local officials caught unaware. Officials of the Nepal …

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Government Cover Up? Pakistani Brothers Might Have Been Ghouls – Not Cannibals

Pakastani brothers arrested for cannibalism.

There’s recently been a sensational headline that quietly made news in the UK Mail online that, interestingly enough, is seemingly a news story about two ghouls in Pakistan. The news story reported that two brothers living in Pakistan were apparently digging up bodies out of a graveyard and taking them home and eating them. The pair were arrested after neighbors …

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