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Robert Marsh – Career Criminal Werewolf

Society labels folks “career criminals” when they just can’t seem to get things together and live life on the straight and narrow. Often an unbreakable cycle, they go to prison, serve their time, get released, and then go and commit more crimes. True, some never get caught or serve extra time for their additional criminal activities. As it turns out, this …

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Naked Werewolf Man Attacks Drivers in Czech Republic

You’d expect survivors of a werewolf encounter to describe an assailant covered in fur, with big teeth and long claws. Appearance aside, their stories would emphasise the creature’s supernatural strength, resistance to pain and uncontrollable, animalistic behaviour. In the case of a man who attacked people on the streets in the Czech Republic, he clearly didn’t look the part but …

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A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack

I don’t know if it was out of pity or having a captive audience but the hostel owner shared his advice on how to survive a werewolf attack.

A Hostel’s Top Ten Ways to Survive a Werewolf Attack In my younger years, my friends and I visited Romania for a while. We had saved up our cash and went backpacking all over Europe for a while. You know what we found out after we got there? That place still has werewolves – at least that’s what they all …

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