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Werewolf of Bedburg: Some Werewolf Legends Are True

Ravaged by a creature at the time they called “the Werewolf of Bedburg”, the murders would later become one of the oldest werewolf legends on record.

In the late 1500’s, in Bedburg, Germany, the fear of the dark and unknown was as real an illness as cancer. People rarely ventured forth from the safety of their homes after twilight. The fear of being taken by some unknown being, or ripped apart by a ravenous monster were at the forefront of their minds; especially those who lived …

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The Shelby County Werewolf Legends

Werewolf legends, Image of Shelby County Farm

In Shelby County, Kentucky, livestock such as goats and calves are being attacked by an animal that remains shrouded in mystery. What’s so strange about it is these animals are not being eaten at all by the creature. The fact that they merely are being attacked is what has many people on edge, because if it were a mountain lion …

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Werewolf Legends of Kentucky

Suspected werewolf print.

Residents of rural Kentucky have long known werewolves lurk in the dark, in the brush, just out of sight. Like all great traditions, the werewolf legends of Kentucky have been passed by word of mouth and told to anyone who will listen. It seems like every native Kentuckian has either seen one or knows someone who has. These stories are shared …

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