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Monstrum Athenaeum Rewards Registered Users With Giveaway & Leaderboard Activation

Zombiecoin zombie attack

To celebrate reaching over 900 registered users in less than 2 months, Monstrum Athenaeum is saying thank you by rewarding you with Lycancoin, Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin! Monstrum Athenaeum will use Cryptopoints Manager to distribute, every hour, 10 Vampirecoins, 100 Zombiecoins and 2,000 Lycancoins across all registered users based on the number of points they’ve accumulated. Monstrum Athenaeum rewards each registered user with a portion of the …

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What’s In Your Wallet ? (Hint-Zombie Cryptidcurrency)

Zombie paper currency - Zombiecoin

Monday got you down? Here’s an Ebay cryptidcurrency listing bound to brighten your day. Presenting the 5,000 ZombieCoin bill. From Ebay: That’s right, one of those Crypto-Currencies you’ve heard so much about, like BitCoin or our darling DogeCoin, ZombieCoin is a digital currency you can buy, trade and mine online. This custom made ZombieCoin Paper Wallet comes pre-loaded with 5,000 ZombieCoins. You can …

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