Did These Videos Capture Rare Sasquatch Encounters Or An Elaborate Hoax?

Tales of wood dwelling giants go so far back in history, it’s virtually impossible to identify when the first report occurred. What is known, however, is tribes of the unsettled areas which would eventually become the United States told legends of such giants; each with their own unique description of the cryptids. Stretching from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast, legends of Sasquatch encounters have been passed down from generation to generation, throughout history. While Sasquatch skeptics claim there simply isn’t enough proof for them to believe in Sasquatch, those with a more open mind have chosen to make it their life’s work. There are even some individuals who attribute Sasquatch sightings to something more than an undiscovered race of hominids; claiming the creatures are a lost tribe of indigenous Americans who have thus far evaded capture.

Whatever the case may be, there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of encounters or videos purporting to be evidence of their existence.  In one such video posted on YouTube on April 19, 2013, a man claims to have had a rare encounter with a family of Sasquatches. The location and names of the people involved are said to have been left out to ensure their privacy. However, looking at this from a skeptic’s point of view, one could argue omitting such information would indicate they wanted to hide their involvement because the video is a “hoax”.

In the video, you can see the man recording in the woods while walking with his dog. He stops to photograph his female companion and inadvertently captures the images of not one, but two Sasquatches as they watch from the distance. The image is a bit unclear, but the forms of the Sasquatches are there. Could this be a mere trick of light? Perhaps a shadow cast just the right way as to give off an appearance resembling a Sasquatch? The man said he was even a bit skeptical of the images; thinking perhaps it was someone playing a joke on him.

He returned to the same location the following day and caught something on video he could never have imagined. As he walked into the woods, he found what appeared to be lean-to type shelters. Again, he believed there might be kids playing in the area, so he continued deeper into the woods. Then, as he filmed, a tree began to shake right before it fell towards him. When he got home and slowed the video down, he saw a Sasquatch sitting by the tree, and as it fell, it got up and walked away.

What do you think? Is this video evidence Sasquatch does indeed exist and remains intent on staying hidden from the public or is it an elaborately rigged hoax? Without knowing the identity of the man who filed the report or the exact location of the encounter, we will probably never know for certain. However, what we do know is the legend of these cryptids still captures the imagination of those who believe and many individuals who claim to have had Sasquatch encounters have devoted their lives to studying them.

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