200 Bodies Missing from Morgues

Are Ghouls Behind Two Hundred Missing Bodies?

Death is an inevitable ending to the natural cycle of life for all of us mortals and much fanfare is placed on our passing. What if, however, instead of a nice funeral for our loved ones to mourn the loss, our body(s) went missing? No service, no record, just POOF… gone!

That seems to be the case in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where over 200 bodies have simply gone missing from the registers of the morgues of 6 out of 22 hospitals. Hard to believe, I know, and it’s a truly scary thought that we, or one of our loved ones, could end up like this.

However, there could be something else going on other than clerical errors in those South American morgues. The shear number of missing bodies suggests something more systemic may be occurring and lends to speculation of a possible cover up of the truth. It’s unclear if the courts are feigning their investigation into these matters because it seems obvious over 200 bodies wouldn’t go missing unless someone (or something) had an agenda; a plan for them.

As we’ve reported before, ghouls are often suspected in cases of missing bodies and this scenario seems eerily familiar.

Typical in these situations, there were inconsistencies with the paper work at all the morgues in question and bodies were found in various stages of decomposition. A formal investigation turned up lists stating the bodies had been delivered yet they never were. Someone in a higher up position has to know what’s going on there but if they do, they’re not talking.

The 22 hospitals that were “investigated” were all under municipal jurisdiction making it all the more likely corrupt politics are behind a cover up of whatever happened. Of those 22 hospitals, only 6 hospitals were found to have the aging corpses and irregular paper work, as well as missing bodies. While some officials offered under staffing as an excuse, it still doesn’t explain where the missing bodies ended up.

Whatever dark and terrifying secrets those morgues hold remains unknown but it has created a nightmare for those families of the deceased and they may never know closure without a proper burial. It’s impractical to believe those responsible, who were trusted with the care of the deceased, simply lost over 200 bodies and there’s no justifiable excuse; especially under staffing.

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